Your potential customers are always searching online, but are they finding you? With more search features than ever, including maps, knowledge panes, PAAs, hotel booking forms, carousels and rich snippets; knowing how to optimise your site for organic search is a minefield.

Our Approach

SEO can be one of the highest returning channels over time if done correctly. Taking the time to understand your business goals allows us to create a strategy that matches your expectations and delivers on the things that are most important to you. We like to add as much value to your business as we can and if you have existing resources available or processes in place, we want to be able to help maximise output. After all, we are all working towards the same goal. 

Gone are the days of putting words in bold to tell Google how serious you are about that particular thing. We’re well into the mobile-first era of algorithmic machine learning and natural language processing. At Flaunt Digital, our tools and experts are primed and razor sharp to take on these rapidly evolving challenges.

A comprehensive and genuinely holistic SEO strategy should focus on three key areas: Technical, Onsite Content and Offsite Content.

What we do

Onsite Technicals

Onsite technicals are the foundation of any effective SEO campaign. We begin all SEO strategies with a forensic technical audit to ensure that your website is in the best position possible from a usability and technical perspective. This allows us to be confident in deploying your budget against SEO.

Campaign Based Link Building

Link building doesn’t have to be boring but it’s not as straightforward as it used to be. Bloggers, news websites and online media outlets all know what they have, and they all know that you’re vying for a piece of their pie in the form of link equity. That’s why creating newsworthy pieces is more likely to get you link building coverage. In turn, this is an important cog that drives performance as part of your holistic SEO strategy. We create exciting campaign content, a linkable landing page, a killer press list – that’s yours to keep – and then work with media outlets and bloggers to drive high quality links.

Onsite Content Creation

Relevant, authoritative, fresh and interesting content should be part of every SEO strategy. It’s one of the things Google loves the most. Giving insight to questions you’re experienced to answer is what the web is all about. Our expertise is finding the questions you’re positioned to answer and that will help get your content ranking. Whether it’s product pages, category landings or blog and news content, we’ve got you covered and have incredible results behind us.

Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing (NLP) uses machine learning to reveal the structure and meaning of text and is now a core part of Google’s algorithm. In response, we created and calibrated a bespoke tool, Goose, that uses Google’s premium NLP engine to analyse text to establish how Google interprets the things we write. The tool can extract emotional magnitude, positivity and entities before lending us insight into the way Google processes text. This underpins and informs our onsite content production.


Kaizen Informed CRO

Whilst SEO, Paid, Social and offline activity is key in traffic growth, what happens if that traffic is hitting a brick wall? Confusing interfaces, mixed messaging and content that doesn’t speak to your audience. Using in-depth quantitative and qualitative user-data, we create onsite experiments to improve onsite experiences to increase user conversion.

Analysis, Refinement & Growth

We have a range of premium and bespoke tools that we use to not only track and report, but to find insight into the data you’re already holding. Tools such as Google Data Studio and weekly website crawls means you’re always getting the latest data on your site, without having to wait for a heavily edited report from an account manager – another reason we don’t employ them. With our big data engines, we can analyse huge quantities of data including sales and CRM exports to inform CRO; create exciting outreach campaigns and even dictate content strategy.

Chris Hopkins

Head of Brand - DUSK, Leeds

Solid agency, nice team and great quality of work!