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Swizzels – reaching 4.5million through social media product campaign

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Swizzels,  ingenious sweet inventors since 1928, are known for iconic sweets like Drumstick Lollies, Fizzers, Love Hearts, Parma Violets, and Squashies. Now, they’ve ventured into the marshmallow sector with their latest creation, Marvellous Mallows.

the brief.

engaging social media campaign

In May 2022, Swizzels unveiled its latest product innovation, Marvellous Mallows. Flaunt was entrusted with the task of devising a creative and engaging social media campaign that would captivate Swizzels’ audience, increase product awareness, communicate the brand’s personality, boost social media followers, and foster customer loyalty.


established brand

Working with an established brand posed an exciting challenge. We seamlessly integrated our campaign messaging and visuals into the existing brand, weaving a narrative that made Marvellous Mallows instantly recognisable while injecting new creativity and engagement.

meeting legislation

Navigating the HFSS legislation, aimed at addressing public health concerns and reducing obesity, was crucial. We diligently ensured that our campaign met all the outlined requirements, prioritising compliance without compromising on creativity.

collaborative execution

Coordinating and effectively communicating the campaign message and identity across various platforms was essential. From the website to internal and external communications, as well as social media channels, including TikTok managed by the client, we worked collaboratively to ensure a cohesive and impactful campaign.

our approach.

We began our journey with a creative brainstorming session, immersing ourselves in the brand and product. Ideas flowed, and we carefully selected and refined concepts that best aligned with the campaign brief. These top-line ideas and creative concepts were then presented to the Swizzels team, with whom we collaboratively decided on the “Marvellous or Madness” campaign theme.

Firstly, we focused on creating a distinct identity for the campaign. Leveraging the existing product identity as a starting point, we incorporated the angel from the packaging to symbolise the “Marvellous” element. To represent “Madness,” we introduced a complementary “mind blow” icon. Drawing inspiration from the vibrant pink, blue, and purple gradient of the Marvellous Mallows packaging, we crafted a bold and impactful colour palette, which stayed true to the brand’s identity while making a statement on social media. Purposefully matched fonts were employed, with a cursive and celebratory style for “Marvellous” and a bold and daring style for “Madness.”


Once the identity was established, we delved into the strategy and mechanics of the competition. Collaborating closely with the Swizzels team, we brainstormed content ideas that would span the eight-week campaign period. Supporting concepts, scamps for grid content, and additional PR ideas were presented to further enhance the campaign’s effectiveness.


To ensure a smooth transition for the client, we conducted a comprehensive handover, providing all artwork and assets, including working design files. This empowered the client to apply campaign assets to reactive social media content or any additional materials they wished to create during the campaign period.

the results.

user generated content and increased social media engagement

The campaign achieved amazing engagement and enthusiasm from consumers. We witnessed some bizarre entries, such as Mallows Sweet Chilli Noodles, Mallow Sushi, Mallow Mac ‘n’ Cheese, and many more imaginative combinations. However, the true testament to success lies in the statistics, which speak for themselves.

We are thrilled with the outcome of the campaign, as it achieved its objectives of increasing awareness, educating customers, growing social media followers, and building customer loyalty. Working with the Swizzels team has been an absolute pleasure, and we look forward to future projects. 


users reached


social media engagements


uplift in rate of sales

We had so much fun working with the team at Flaunt on this campaign! We wanted to take our Marvellous Mallows product and create an exciting and engaging campaign while encouraging consumers to go out and buy a pack. The Marvellous or Madness campaign concept was spot on for what we were hoping for, with a PR-able aspect by leaning on the weird and whacky concoctions that could be made. It was brilliant to see how creative our fans are!

We worked collaboratively with the Flaunt team to ensure our additional campaign elements, such as brand partnerships, influencer activity and TikToks, were aligned and worked cohesively with the Marvellous or Madness campaign look and feel. The team were a pleasure to work with and felt like an extension of our in-house team owing to them taking the time to fully understand our expectations and specific requirements. We were super pleased with the success of this campaign, so thanks guys!

Holly Drescher - Brand Manager

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