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Google have promised to raise the bar for advertisers and brand’s, improving safety and monitoring controls to avoid display ads appearing alongside inappropriate content across the web. A clear course of action for Google following some extremely negative press in which some well known organisations and brands had their ads placed next to extremist video…

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With the web getting more secure and Google prioritising HTTPS in the SERPS find out today why you need an SSL certificate on your website.

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Have you ever wondered how Facebook can help boost your business leads?  We’re here to help you get to grip with the basics and teach how to start generating more qualified, targeted prospects today. Facebook for business is helping business’ everywhere get their product or service in front of relevant audiences, and we’d like to…

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Social advertising is becoming a staple in driving online business success.  It’s a costs effective way to engage with relevant audiences, build brand communities and re-connect with valued customers using a variety of ad formats. Facebook have made tremendous strides with their ad serving capabilities over recent years making the platform an essential marketing channel for…

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Recently we came across a problem whereby we needed to change a website from using Universal Analytics to using Google Tag Manager (with Google Analytics enabled within). This process is pretty easy and really common, but no one tells you that if you’ve got Universal Analytics events calls scattered throughout your website, these will all break. The…

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Structured data is not a new thing, the initiative was launched on the 2nd of June 2011 by Google, Yahoo! and Bing. It is a shared vocabulary which provides search engines with more detailed information on web pages, this allows search engines to offer rich experiences within their search results for certain information. You…

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