Our Tools.

We believe in investing in the best tech to enable the best results. If the tech doesn’t exist, then we’ll build it. Our in-house tools have been developed to harness data and enhance our service offering and the value of our work. From real-life commercial value to optimising content, our experts have developed the tools we need to deliver a top job for our clients.

We turn bright ideas into shiny new tools because we have the in-house team to make it happen. Better results, improved efficiency and happier clients.


Never rely on Google Analytics sampled data again with our well-rounded eCommerce analytics platform, Sphere. Get full access to your data and enjoy an unrivalled analytics experience.

  • A multi-channel eCommerce analytics platform at less than half the cost of Google Analytics 360. Yep, you read that right.
  • Hosted with Amazon Web Services for next level security and scalability.
  • Full view reporting with custom attribution model that accurately tracks the user’s journey.

You’re bound to see the value of our digital PR campaigns with this insightful tool. Measure the coverage, traffic and link quality of each campaign so you can quickly and easily see the impact of every backlink.

  • Discover where specific links to your site have appeared and the impact of these link placements
  • Measure digital PR success at every step of the campaign, allowing you to make strategic and reactive decisions
  • Goodbye time consuming coverage books! Create a bespoke, data-driven campaign report right here in Bound.

Take the guessing game out of content optimisation. This clever little Goose tells you how Google will interpret your content, so you can make sure your words are written in a way that can be clearly understood by search engines.

  • Make sure Google understands what your content is about, analysing sentiment and tone along the way.
  • Target SEO keywords without compromising on tone of voice.
  • Enter your text manually, scan a URL or bulk upload content for instant results

More About Flaunt Tools

“Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a tool that…” We fill in that gap. If we see the need for a new piece of digital marketing kit then we’ll jump to it and get started. Whether it’s creating a bigger and better way to monitor results, increase efficiency or improve site optimisations, we’re all for it.

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