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Ways AI Could Improve PPC Performance in 2023

Paid Media26/1/2023

our team: adam

Paid Media3/8/2022

a brief overview of tiktok & its ad formats

Paid Media18/7/2022

stop the scroll: paid media webinar

Paid Media15/6/2022

2022 & how the world of pay per click is changing

Paid Media8/4/2022

Working with Flaunt Digital

Paid Media6/1/2022

Performance Max – Google’s Next Step Towards Set & Forget PPC Automation

Paid Media15/6/2021

Digital Challenges: What Trends are Marketing Leaders Telling us About in 2021?

Paid Media4/5/2021

Preparing for Google’s Broad Match Modifier (BMM) & Phrase Match Changes.

Paid Media11/3/2021

How to Correctly Add Facebook Marketing Tags to Your Website


How Automation and Testing Bidding Strategies Can Improve PPC Performance

Paid Media18/1/2021

The Importance Of Data Driven Attribution

Paid Media27/6/2019

An Introduction To Amazon DSP (Amazon Advertising)

Paid Media18/4/2019

How To Maximise The Impact Of Google’s Expanded Text Ads

Paid Media13/2/2019

Top 3 PPC Predictions For 2019

Paid Media3/1/2019

How To Get Your PPC Campaigns Ready For The Festive Season

Paid Media29/11/2018