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Following our Paid Media campaign for Universal Skills Group, we caught up with General Manager, Dan Taylor, to get his thoughts on working with Flaunt.

What made our service stand out from others?

We were recommended you guys after having had a bad experience with our last agency. Their communication wasn’t very good and we had to chase them a lot. When we went to see them, we just never got a warm feeling. 

After we came to see you, we just got a great feeling straight away. I really liked the set-up in your office and your boardroom. It seemed friendly. It seemed warm. I liked all the people that were around the table and you seemed to understand us and get us straight away. You came back quickly and you’ve always done what you’ve said you would. The communications have always been good and I think a big thing for me after working with a couple of separate agencies is that we weren’t bombarded with crap that we would never read. In the past, we’ve been sent information overload as if to say ‘yeah, we are doing something,’ but we weren’t really reaping any rewards from it. The Flaunt team have always been very proactive, very friendly. If I ever needed to call somebody, things have been dealt with very swiftly. There have never been any issues, to be honest. We just got a good feeling from the off really.  

What made you happiest about working with us? 

I could see that you weren’t a huge company, so I didn’t think you’d have that ultra corporate approach where you can sometimes get lost. I liked that it was quite a small knit company where everybody probably knew each other’s names and knew things about their families. You’re probably growing now and getting bigger, but I definitely got that tight-knit feel, it felt just like a family atmosphere at the headquarters when we came over. Plus you know I’m from Leeds, so it’s always good to support something other than the football team. It’s a cool, quirky business and we always got a really good feeling and we were straight away off to a good start. 

What have you been about to achieve from using our services? 

I understand things a lot more. In the past, I’ve been blinded by the terminology. I remember in the first meeting with our old agency, I didn’t want to speak up and ask what something meant. I felt I could approach the team at Flaunt and ask questions that are probably obvious to your team but not so much to me and I have genuinely learnt a lot from the information that has been communicated and what’s been sent across. Working with you guys, I genuinely have learnt a lot. It’s put us as a company in a much better position and it’s really strengthened my position and understanding of paid media services. So a great education piece and obviously the business has seen huge rewards from it as well. 

What surprised you the most about Flaunt? 

It looks as if you’re growing quite quickly and going from strength to strength, despite the pandemic. 

Obviously, for a lot of companies, they had to switch a lot of things off, but it seems like you’ve reacted really well which had been good to see. In adversity, you’ve managed to really strengthen your position. 

Lee and Chris seem like really nice guys. I hate people being frightened of who runs it and that perception that ‘they’re the boss, you can’t speak to them.’ Our businesses have the same values and I think that helped you understand us. 

What would you tell someone considering our business? 

You’ll be in good hands. You’ll be supported throughout and you can trust them. 

One word experience of working with Flaunt?


Anything else?

I’m glad that you take these things seriously. It’s good that you follow up on things like this. I know you’re busy and you have different clients to deal with, so it’s good that you still make time for this. 

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