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Small ways businesses can help the planet this Earth Day

Written by Polly
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Small ways businesses can help the planet this Earth Day22/4/2024

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Polly Chapman

Polly Chapman

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Earth Day 2024

Earth Day is celebrated every year on the 22nd of April as a global celebration of our planet and an ongoing commitment to protecting our environment and everything in it.

As a certified B corp on a mission to use business as a force for good, we’re always looking for ways to look after our planet and reduce our impact on the environment and as there are now 2000 B Corp-certified businesses in the UK even more businesses are doing the same. 

"so what can businesses be doing to help the planet?"

Sustainable and plastic-free suppliers

Looking at your day-to-day purchases, there are usually plenty of swaps you can make to be more sustainable. When looking at our suppliers, the things we try and look for are: plastic-free, eco- friendly and B Corp-certified businesses. 

We changed the way we order company merch. We now use a local supplier and choose products that are made from recycled materials. We also ask the team what they would actually wear and order the correct size for everyone, so they get the fit and style they want.

We’ve also made simple changes in the kitchen, such as eco dishwasher tablets, recycled bin bags and bamboo scrubbing brushes instead of plastic sponges. 

Even the way we do our monthly team lunches has changed. We used to do a random Deliveroo pick and let everyone order what they fancied, but we found the amount of throw-away unsustainable packaging that was left over was huge. 

Now we choose from a short list of ethically minded local restaurants and takeaways, where we know they use recyclable or compostable plastic-free packaging. We often collect the order on foot as well reducing the carbon footprint of our monthly deliveries.

Reducing and offsetting your carbon footprint

A tricky one to figure out and implement, but one that we think about a lot. Through our Ecologi subscription, we plant 2 trees per employee every month, which means we offset up to 11,000 kg of Co2e per month across the agency. 

On top of this, we also encourage virtual meetings whenever possible and offset our emissions when travelling to meetings or events that need to be in person. 

Creating a paperless office

A little tip if you are thinking of implementing this one… Have an old, slightly crappy, unreliable printer – I promise you, the number of pieces of paper flying out of it will be vastly reduced. In all seriousness though, we’re a digital agency, so working on our screens is something we’re pretty good at, but that doesn’t mean we don’t occasionally want to print out something to scribble on or pore over with a highlighter. By ensuring we have programmes such as Adobe Acrobat which work a little closer to the pen-and-paper experience, people can still work how they like without having to print things off.

Home office management

Employees receive advice on energy efficiency at home, such as turning devices off at the plug and installing energy-efficient lighting. 

For both home and the office we have preferred supplier docs for purchasing equipment and supplies. This list includes plastic-free suppliers, B Corp businesses and small local vendors – reducing the temptation to just go straight to Amazon. 

Educating employees

Education is the best way to keep your employees aware of your goals and your plans for achieving them. We have regular reviews with managers on Social and Environmental goal setting as well as annual board reviews and full company updates 

We regularly share articles and online information with the latest news and tips, which helps keep it front and centre of everyone’s minds. 

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