Paid Media

Paid media connects brands with in-market prospects across high-traffic websites, search engines and social platforms, globally. A tailored approach is crucial to reaching your audience, with an extensive selection of ad formats designed to resonate and drive meaningful interactions. Need to target B2B and B2C markets spanning multiple territories and across a diverse range of sectors, from Fintech through to fast fashion? No problem at all…

Our Approach

We understand your business in detail, developing a tailor-made strategy around real opportunities to generate data-driven results. Channel selection and platform diversity underpins each successful campaign that we run; identifying the most suitable ad tech for your unique advertising needs is an integral stage of our media planning process.

Using market-leading technologies, we suggest the most promising routes to achieve the best results for your brand. With custom-built performance reporting dependent on your business goals, we ensure 100% transparency throughout your campaign.

What we do

Paid Search

Paid search advertising enables brand discovery across search engines and partner websites, allowing businesses to gain instant coverage for the searches that are most relevant to their product or service. We understand how users search and interact with your brand, designing campaigns to stimulate consideration and creating seamless steps to generate conversions.

Paid Social

An insurgence of cross-browser and cross-device research has evidenced the complex journeys that users undergo before converting. Most users conducting research have their social play time, providing an opportunity to keep the dialog open with potential customers as they move across devices and browsers. This new age of multiplatform use means that advertisers must be present across their unique buyer personas’ favourite platforms to continue the conversation and encourage repeat engagement.


Programmatic advertising is an automated buying process for ads served across display, video, audio & social platforms based on your target criteria. We buy ad inventory when a users’ browsing behaviours match that of your targeting, ensuring that you only advertise to your primary audience. The final result is less wasted spend and a better return on ad spend (RoAS), providing a greater means of driving awareness, consideration and even conversions through re-targeting techniques.


Comparison shopping platforms are heavily conversion-focused, giving advertisers an opportunity to provide product-specific information such as availability, size and price. Shopping ads are triggered by search, and product ads can be shown for searches that contain the precise attributes of the product you’re selling, helping to maintain relevance for searches with high purchase intent.

Lead Generation

Lead generation programs are designed to create educational lead flows that offer something valuable in exchange for a user’s information; from access to gated content and pricing document downloads, to using a tool/calculator to estimate growth or returns. Paid search, native lead forms and retargeting campaigns are effective combinations in attracting in-market users at different stages of their journey, helping to score purchase intent in real-time and gain more insight into a user’s requirements.


Hyper-local campaigns reach mobile users who have visited your store premises, or a location where your event is being held. This method of targeting is great for deploying promotional messaging while users are onsite at your bricks and mortar stores, or for reconnecting following an event. This type of activity connects with users on a highly-contextual level and measures footfall as an attribution method for both online and offline marketing campaigns.

Marco Maccio

Marketing Director - Horizon Platforms

Flaunt are a great bunch of highly talented people who are easy to work with. I'd recommend them to businesses who are looking for a different approach to the agency model.