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September 2018: Monthly Content Round-Up

Written by Daniel
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September was an exciting month for the Flaunt Digital team, moving into new offices in the heart of Leeds city centre! We have an equally-exciting content round-up to whet your appetite, including some cool SEO tips for travel brands, an exclusive article on Entrepreneur.com looking at some of the factors that have encouraged economical growth in the north of England, some unique insights into how brands use psychology to boost sales and lots more…


7 Psychological Marketing Tricks To Boost Sales

Psychology Of Marketing

One of the most difficult aspects of marketing is often predicting how your audience will behave. Luckily for us marketers, there are some basic psychological tricks that can play a huge role in influencing consumers’ purchasing decisions…


Why The North Of England Is The New London

Over the last few years, we’ve seen the beginning of a dramatic transformation in northern cities. Lee speaks to Entrepreneur Magazine about some of the reasons why a surge of businesses have been moving to the north of England in search of greener pastures…


5 Reasons Why You Need To Be Using A Staging Website

Why You Need To Use A Staging Website

Ever pushed changes on to your live website only to realise that you’ve made a mistake? That could have been avoided with the use of a staging website. We take a look at 5 reasons why you need to be using one…


Easy SEO Tricks For Travel Brands

Easy SEO Tricks For Travel Brands

Every day, millions of people start the search for their next holiday. For most of these people, that search starts with Google. We take a look at some easy SEO tricks to get your travel brand ranking at the top of the search engines…


10 Digital Marketing YouTube Channels You Need To Subscribe To

10 Digital Marketing YouTube Channels You Need To Subscribe To

From quick tutorials on how to fix a chair to full-blown courses on investing in the stock market, YouTube has become the go-to place to learn something new. We’ve rounded up 10 of the very best YouTube channels to help touch up your digital marketing knowledge…


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