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10 Digital Marketing YouTube Channels You Need To Subscribe To

Written by Lee
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It’s no secret that YouTube has become the go-to place for anyone wanting to learn something new. From quick tutorials on how to fix a chair to full-blown courses on investing in the stock market, you should have no problem with touching up your knowledge on pretty much any topic you like.

This is no different with digital marketing. As one of the most sought-after skills in 2018, the number of YouTube channels popping up with exclusive tips and tricks on how to up your digital marketing game should come as no surprise. We recently launched our own YouTube channel which, for me, has been a great way to stay in touch with everything going on in the digital scene.

We’ve rounded up ten of the very best digital marketing channels on YouTube so that you don’t have to waste time sorting through the endless number of videos yourself.


Neil Patel

As the co-founder of a global SEO agency with several household-name clients, Neil Patel is one of the most well-known figures in SEO. He’s the co-founder of several successful blog sites including Crazy Egg, Quicksprout and KISSmetrics. He’s also helped global organisations like Amazon, NBC and General Motors grow their revenue through forward-thinking SEO techniques. He does a great job in putting across pretty complex information in a way that even SEO newbies can understand.


Siege Media

I’ve been following this YouTube channel for the last year or so and it just keeps on delivering! Siege Media’s CEO, Ross Hudgens, and some of the other members of their team share a variety of SEO and content marketing tutorials that you can use to build your online presence. With everything from link building strategies to how to find someone’s email address, the channel has some really useful insights. They also recently launched their ‘Content & Conversation’ series, featuring some of the industry’s leading figures such as Sujan Patel and Rand Fishkin.


Peter McKinnon

Although this channel isn’t strictly digital marketing, it’s a really useful channel to follow. With video content expected to take up over 79% of all online traffic by 2020, it’s vital that you start integrating video into your content marketing strategy if you haven’t already. With over 2 million subscribers to date, Peter McKinnon has taken the videography scene by storm. His channel also has a lot of tips and tricks to do with photography, so it’s great for any budding photographers. His unique personality makes the videos so much more captivating and enjoyable to watch too; before you know it you’ll find yourself knee-deep in his ‘Two-Minute Tuesday’ playlist.


Matthew Woodward

Primarily known for his award-winning internet marketing blog, Matthew Woodward’s YouTube channel has a range of tutorials covering topics such as SEO, traffic generation, email marketing, link building and social media. If you’re thinking of starting a blog you should definitely check out Matthew’s channel – his in-depth tutorial on how to start a blog the right way is a must-watch.


Gary Vaynerchuk

If you haven’t heard of Gary Vaynerchuck (aka Gary Vee) then I really don’t know where you’ve been. Founder of a full-service digital agency that works with numerous Fortune 500 businesses, Gary is famous for his ability to put things across in a way that nobody else can. Watch one of his videos and you’ll see exactly what I mean. He’s one of my all-time favourite entrepreneurs and I’ve learnt a ton of business and life lessons from him. From general digital marketing tips to motivational speeches, Gary Vee’s YouTube content will simply blow you away.



With just 22 videos in four years, Brian Dean’s YouTube channel ‘Backlinko’ certainly puts quality over quantity. Specialising in SEO, link building and content marketing strategies, the channel has played a huge part in inspiring some of the most commonly-used white hat SEO techniques in recent years.



Another useful channel for anyone wanting to learn how to implement a range of SEO and link-building tips, Ahrefs are great at putting their content across in an easy-to-digest format. Whether you’re just starting out in the world of search or you’ve been in the industry for years, you’re sure to learn something new from these guys.



Is there any digital marketing list that Hubspot isn’t on? With well over 1,000 videos on their channel, the Hubspot team has a constant flow of new videos. With anything from how to understand different social media algorithms to in-depth tutorials on Hubspot’s famous inbound marketing methodology, this is a great channel for anyone looking to get to grips with digital marketing and business in general.



Another very well-known brand in the digital marketing industry, Moz’ YouTube channel doesn’t disappoint. Whether you’re hearing from Moz’ CEO, Rand Fishkin, on his engaging ‘Whiteboard Friday’ series or one of the other clued-up members of the Moz team, you’ll discover countless invaluable insights on how to up your search game and really boost your rankings.



If you operate in the search industry then you may already be familiar with SEMRush. The ‘All-In-One-Marketing Tool’ has become a hotspot for captivating blog content, and the YouTube channel doesn’t disappoint either. With regular features from industry experts such as Larry Kim and David Bain, this is a great place to hear the perspectives of people at the forefront of the digital industry.


Flaunt Digital

I know I said ten channels, but it’s only right that we give ourselves a quick plug. On the Flaunt Digital YouTube channel, we have a range of videos covering all sorts of topics across digital and tech. From our Industry Spotlight series, where I discuss the latest industry news with fellow Co-Founders Chris and Jamie, to our tutorial videos and tool reviews, there’s a load of juicy content to dig your teeth into.


So there you have it – our top ten digital marketing YouTube channels! This should keep you going for a while, but there are tons of other online resources to touch up your digital marketing knowledge. Whether you want to learn how to get started with email marketing or how to boost website conversions, there’s bound to be something for you on YouTube.

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