Fiitstyle – Web Design & Development Case Study

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The project

Fiitstyle is a new up-and coming fitness brand started by Kris Finney. Specialising in producing automated, tailored exercise and meal plans, but also producing and selling specialised sports clothing.

Fiitstyle is unique in that the exercise and meal plan is entirely based online and can be generated against your personal details and goals in seconds.

The Brief: Flaunt Digital were appointed to design a new brand from scratch for Fiitstyle. A phased approach was outlined which allowed a swift launch of an interim website to garner interest and collect email addresses.

The Challenges: With a limited budget and grand ideas this was a tough ask. Tasked with creating an online brand and launching a modern, responsive, dynamic content-driven website, this was only the start. Later plans evolved to include a tailored diet and exercise plan dynamically generated against a users’ goals, launched alongside an online shop selling branded clothing and exercise equipment.

What We Did: After many months of working with Kris we had not only a complete brand, but an online shop to purchase clothing and a fully bespoke exercise and meal plan generator.

The cutting-edge plan generator briefly comprises:

  • Fully managed content bank of exercises and meals. Exercises are tagged with body parts targeted and difficulty whereas meals are tagged with basic nutritional values and allergy warnings.
  • Transaction flow allowing user account registration, payment provision, personal details/fitness goals and more.
  • Once the flow is finished a plan is instantly generated, tailored by the questions answered earlier. The plan can also be synced to an iPhone calendar for on-the-go notifications.