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Optimise Your Content Ahead of the Skincare Trends

Written by Mackenzie
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Did you know that before the pandemic 85% of skincare products and services were purchased in person? Many people go into beauty stores to not only buy skincare products but to sample them and get advice from professional beauty experts. This, however, has all changed during the last couple of years. 

The digital landscape of the beauty industry continues to evolve, especially considering the pandemic’s influence on the purchase of skincare products and services online. In this blog, we will share the current skincare search trends as well as tips to optimise your beauty content to get ahead of the competition. 

Skincare Products Continue to Rise In the Searches 

When it comes to skincare searches there will always be a few products that come out on top. From cleansers and toners to moisturisers and face SPF, since 2010 there has been a huge growth in individual skincare products – we’re sure TikTok and the lockdowns have something to do with this trend. 

Looking at Google Trends, there is some evidence of upward long-term trends across the board when it comes to skincare products. It’s clear to see that as the lockdown hit, people were searching for things to do and with a rise in TikTok skincare hauls, you can see a rapid increase in searches across all skin products. 

Skincare Brands Blossom Over the Years 

Many people usually stick to what they know when it comes to skincare, especially when it comes to branded products. From Liz Earle and Elemis to Clinique and Nip & Fab there has been a notable increase in interest over the years. 

Taking a closer look at these popular brands, we can see that the likes of Elemis and Clinique have seen great increases in interest over the years, with many brands seeing a similar trend in search patterns. 

Most Popular Skincare Routines: Morning vs Night Time

Did you know that people differ in their skincare routines in the morning from what they use at night? Many people may switch between which moisturisers they use and some may tend to not use a face SPF in the evening. 

Looking at the Google Trends graph from 2010, the searches for day and night skincare follow a similar pattern with nighttime routines coming out slightly on top. Suggesting that consumer awareness of what they are using on their skin has grown over the years. 

Content: The Focal Point of SEO Trends for the Skincare Industry

This SEO trend for the beauty industry includes quality content that meets Google’s E-A-T standards and establishes authority with beauty experts. In order to rank well in Google beauty searches, you need to foster your brand’s expertise, authority and trustworthiness through high-quality E-A-T content. This may include beauty experts rating your products through guest blogs or appearing in a video interview about how they use your products. 

Whether it be a video, blog or product description, your content must establish your brand in the minds of consumers as a name they can trust and look to for beauty and skincare advice. When it comes to creating quality beauty content you will also want to gain authoritative backlinks, to therefore increase rankings, organic traffic and help influence customers. 

Here are a couple of top tips for beauty industry content:

  • Ensure you are concentrating on the most relevant topics for your audience
  • Utilising user-generated content is critical in the beauty industry
  • Video content will take your beauty brand to the next level
  • Influencer marketing is a must-have SEO industry trend

How are the top skincare brand’s content performing? 

Our Flaunt Digital marketing tool, Goose, uses Google’s Natural Language Processing engine to analyse content to establish how Google interprets it. Goose is able to give us a classification analysis, letting us know what topic search engines think the content is referring to and also picking up the most general keywords. If the content doesn’t match the topic you are writing about, it’s time to tweak it. 

Many skincare brands love to entice the reader with a tone of voice that resonates with them and builds confidence and trust that their skincare products will leave them feeling amazing. But the question is – can Google tell whether your skincare content is talking about products or a summer holiday? 

Liz Earle Skincare Category Page 

URL: https://www.lizearle.com/skincare/our-range/

Their current page content: 

‘The home of our bestselling botanical skincare range, created with over 25 years’ botanical expertise and harnessing efficacious plant extracts from across the globe.’

Optimised content by the team at Flaunt Digital:

‘Our bestselling botanical skincare range is created with over 25 years of skincare expertise and harnesses efficacious plant extracts from across the globe. Designed for every skin type, our high-performing skincare range offers everything from cleanser and exfoliating tonics to hot cloth cleansers and day and night creams. Experience a fuss-free yet luxurious skincare routine when you choose Liz Earle.’

Kiehl’s Skincare Category Page 

URL: https://www.kiehls.co.uk/skin-care 

Their current page content: 

‘Discover nourished and rejuvenated skin with Kiehl’s skincare products. Customise your beauty routine with our best skincare products, including hydrating moisturisers and serums.’

Optimised content by the team at Flaunt Digital:

‘Discover nourished and rejuvenated skin with Kiehl’s skincare products. Customise your day and night skincare routine with our best products, including hydrating moisturisers,  toners and serums. Expertly designed for all skin types, whether you are looking for a smoother-looking complexion, hydration or to protect your skin from the sun, here at Kiehl’s we have all your skincare products covered.’

Estee Lauder’s Skincare Category Page 

URL: https://www.esteelauder.co.uk/products/681/product-catalog/skin-care 

Their current page content: 

‘Taking care of your skin and establishing a skincare routine is so important for your skin health. Cleansing, hydrating, toning, and more help encourage glowing skin. Scheduling a Virtual Consultation, taking our Skincare Quiz, or some of our other online tools can help you find the perfect skin routine for your skin type or skin concerns such as oily skin, hyperpigmentation, dark spots, blemishes, fine lines, wrinkles and more.’

Optimised content by the team at Flaunt Digital:

‘Our skincare products at Estee Lauder are ready to leave you feeling fabulous, whether you’re looking to cleanse, hydrate, tone or just looking for overall more glowing skin, our skincare range has everything you need. Taking care of your skin and establishing a skincare routine are so important for your skin health. So why not schedule a Virtual Consultation, take our Skincare Quiz, or use some of our other online skin tools to help you find the perfect skincare routine for your skin type or skin concerns? 

Our skincare products are expertly crafted for all skin types and concerns, such as oily skin, hyperpigmentation, dark spots, blemishes, fine lines, wrinkles and more, so you can find the perfect routine for you.’

The Future of Skincare: 2022 and Beyond

The future of skincare is certainly turning digital, specifically AI. Brands are quickly beginning to take their office shops and experiences online, from foundation matching to AI consultations, skincare brands are going digital faster than ever. 

The best skincare service inevitably involves touching the customer’s skin. This process involves feeling for oil levels, dehydration, texture and congestion whilst discussing and listening to the nuances of the customer’s skin concerns and skin history. However, as pharmacists, doctors, teachers and beauty influencers are all venturing into online consultations and classes, are we truly able to overcome the lack of physical contact? 

Find out more on how skincare brands are utilising AI when it comes to skincare consultations in our blog, an analysis of AI in the UK skincare industry in 2022.

Flaunting Our Skincare Industry Report

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