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Marketing Tips We Can Learn From The Netflix Series, You

Written by Elise
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You (season 3) was said to have had 467.8 million hours viewed in the first 28 days of the title’s release, putting it into the top performing series category for Netflix and it’s no wonder people have been hooked. Romance and murder, name a better combination for a Netflix series.

Now feels like the perfect time to share some marketing tips we’ve picked up after watching the series. In this blog post, we explore the marketing lessons you can lean from “You” from how shock factor can work for your content to the way memes can be used to engage with your audience.

Everything we know about You Season 4

In each season of “You,” we see Joe Goldberg with a new obsession, which becomes part of his internal monologue. Historically this has typically been a love interest as seen with Beck in Season 1, Love in Season 2 and Marienne in Season 3, however, season 4 see him become obsessed with the Eat-the-Rich-Killer, Rhys Montrose, who not only also has an unhealthy fixation with Joe but murders several of his new friends.

Rhys wants to pin all of the murders on Roald, making it look like a suicide. This seems like a win-win for Joe as Roald has a crush on his new romantic fixation Kate, however, problems arise when Joe has reservations about killing Roald leaving Rhys to tip over a lantern, lighting the dungeon where Joe and Roald are trapped on fire. Kate rescues them, allowing love to blossom, however, Joe is more focused on exposing Rhys as a murderer than playing on his feelings for Kate.

The second part of season four is going to be released on March 9th.

You and Its Intense Marketing Tips

Meme Marketing

Memes are a fun way to connect and engage with your audience, especially as Millenials and the Gen Z generation are known for their love of memes. Netflix’s social media are a great example of this, using memes that are based on their content to draw followers back to the streaming platform. 

You, season 3, saw a range of humorous memes on the back of it and content creators were sharing across socials and onsite content. When you’re trying to speak to your target audience, being reactive and on top of the latest trends, including the latest Netflix series is a great way to stand out from the crowd and engage with your audience.

The Shock Factor 

The psychological horror is brimming with shocking moments keeping the viewer on the edge of their seats. As marketers, there’s a lesson to learn from this and create a shock factor within your content. Unique survey data, expert led pieces and writing for the user first are great ways to capture your audience’s attention and make sure your brand is at the forefront of people’s minds.
Original content is essential to your strategy to make as Google loves originality and quality content matters now more than ever following Google’s helpful content updates. For more information about the update, take a look at our blog all about Google’s helpful content update.

Stay On Top Of The Trends

Netflix know their way around clever copywriting and reactive opportunities. Going after opportunities that will relate to your audience and creating clever content or campaigns around this will help to keep your strategy current, and after all, “it could be worse: Joe Goldberg could be your valentine…”.

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