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July 2018: Monthly Content Round-Up

Written by Daniel
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We’re having serious World Cup-withdrawals here at Flaunt Digital. Luckily we’ve got a content round-up that you’re bound to love! In the third edition of our monthly content round-up we take a look at the best and worst marketing campaigns from the World Cup, Google’s whopping $5bn fine from the European Commission, our top plugins for Adobe Premiere Pro CC and more…


What Can Brands Learn From Marketing At The 2018 World Cup?

Much like the Superbowl, the World Cup has become a playing field for brands with huge marketing budgets and this year certainly hasn’t disappointed. From Wish to Mastercard, we take a look at the best and worst marketing campaigns from the tournament to see what lessons we can learn…



Industry Spotlight: Episode 14

It’s been a busy few weeks for Google! In Episode 14 of our Industry Spotlight series, we sit down to discuss Google’s record $5bn fine from the EU, the launch of Google Jobs in the UK, Google’s decision to bring hotel ads into the main ads platform and Instagram testing a new verification process…

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25 Confusing Digital Buzzwords Explained

25 Confusing Digital Buzzwords Explained

It’s fair to say the business world is taking huge strides forward in regards to digital and tech. But with just 42% of CEOs having begun digital business transformation there’s still a surprising need for digital literacy in the C-Suite. We break down 25 confusing digital buzzwords…

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5 Techniques For Researching Blog Topics

Ever wondered how to master the process of finding inspiration for your next blog post? All it takes is knowing the right tricks. Our content marketing specialist shares his top 5 techniques for researching blog topics…

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7 Essential Adobe Premiere Pro Plugins

7 Essential Adobe Premiere Pro Plugins

Opening Adobe Premiere Pro for the first time can be overwhelming to say the least. One way to make the editing process a whole load easier is by using plugins to eliminate a lot of the manual work. In this blog, we highlight 7 essential plugins for Adobe Premiere Pro…

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