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Flaunt Takes on The Skincare Industry: Read The Report

Written by Thom
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2020 has been a boom for online. As you sit in your home office surrounded by empty Amazon boxes with your peddle bins lined with Ocado bags, we all know why.

The skincare and beauty industry specifically has rocketed online over the last few months. This week, THG saw its IPO reach a £5.4 billion valuation with Look Fantastic — Europe’s largest online beauty retailer — as one of its key assets. There’s big money in those little pots and jars.

However, skincare is one of the industries that still relies heavily on high-street footfall. It’s difficult to get good advice on your skin type and product recommendations through your phone screen, let alone without being able to swatch or smell. Or is it… (asked in a very leading and rhetorical manner to imply that it’s not).

Some skincare brands get online very right, but too many times, they get their user experiences so very, very wrong. If you’ve shopped in the latter category before, you’ll know the pain of bad product filtering, hidden items and slow load times. Not to mention those ‘skincare advice’ tools that spew generic and untailored garbage that can potentially cost you hundreds of £’s in wasted products.

With that in mind, we’ve written a report, a big report: The Skincare Report. It has Harvard referencing and everything.

By marketing and beauty industry veterans, The Skincare Report explores, in exceptional depth, the websites and online offerings from some of the world’s largest beauty brands. We pick apart what makes some of these websites great, as well as what can make them an enormous pain in the Body Butter.

There’s nothing to fill in; we’re not demanding a million contact details before you view it and it’s yours to do with as you wish. Particularly now, we want to share our expertise and help as many businesses as we can. Who knows, if you really like what we’re talking about, drop our Client Development Manager, Dan Wall an email 😉

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