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Flaunt Digital 2022

Written by Polly
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A new year, and as you do in January, we’re looking back on the last 12 months and what 2022 looked like at Flaunt.

Tallying up the year, it’s hard not to shout about the incredible team we have. 11 promotions – non-stop celebrations at Flaunt HQ. We welcomed 9 new starters, ending the year with a team of over 30 staff.

We welcomed a whole load of new clients, saw some insane stats and beat our records for PPC and SEO clients (small brag).

But aside from the usual day-to-day work, there was a whole load of other stuff happening at Flaunt…

We moved!

Not too far, but to a big, shiny, new office that we got to put our mark on. We waved goodbye to Globe Road and moved into a brand new office over the road at Marshall’s Mill. Creating a fun and useful space for our teams was the number one priority. So we began sketching… and what do you know, many many hours of DIY and a lot of stress later, Flaunt’s new home was born!

A new look Flaunt

And of course, we did a big old rebrand and launched a new website to go with it! With a shiny new office, we felt Flaunt needed a little glow-up.

Flaunt Webinar Series

A first for lots of the team, we launched a 6-month webinar series – sharing advice and experience from across the business.

From social media ads to paths to a digital marketing career and unicorn content – we covered the ins and outs of key digital services and what you should know.

And yes, there was a rap to go with the Baby Got Backlinks webinar:

🍑 I like backlinks and I cannot lie
You marketers can’t deny
That when an SEO walks in with 700 links
Plus DA score: 26
You get suss… 🍑

Resting Pitch Face

After many discussions and a lot of naming debates, we go on with it and created the Flaunt podcast, Resting Pitch Face. Beer in hand and with the constant noise from the building site next door, Dan and Lee sat down in February to record our first-ever episode.

Since then we’ve recorded 24 episodes, with guests discussing topics from mental health in the workplace, to education in marketing. We’ve learned a lot along the way – more about our colleagues from tell-all interviews and producing and editing a podcast in-house 😅.

Returning in the new year with juicy topics you will love and some honest unfiltered truths from the heart of the agency world. You can subscribe to Resting Pitch Face on Spotify, YouTube or Apple Podcasts.

We hung out together a lot…

Bowling, shuffleboard, office board games, team breakfasts, Flaunt games ft. some classic sports day activities, lunchtime sketch club, bring-a-board lunch, Flaunt’s 7th birthday BBQ, Diwali, wreath making, Halloween movie night, Elf movie night and a whole load of Deliveroos, quizzes and pub lunches.


A chance to prove to the world that when we say we operate in the best way possible – we mean it. From looking after our people to giving back to our local community, we operate with good intentions at our heart every step of the way. In the summer of 2022, we started our b-corp journey, understanding the assessment process and bringing together our Flaunt B-corp committee. Workshops followed to understand Flaunt’s positioning and how our teams see the business and offerings. We’ve now almost completed the assessment, with plans to submit it for review in January. Regular updates to follow on the blog and socials.

Food and Drink Report

A mammoth task… but 24,282 words later we launched our Food and Drink report – a Digital Digest of the Food and Drink Industry. Sharing insights into the technology now harnessed by food and drinks brands and how the pandemic forced a digital shift. Led by Content Marketing Lead Mackenzie, teams across Flaunt have analysed the market and provided insight into the digital future of the Food and Drink industry, alongside tips for F&D brands. Print version landing soon!

A full suite of Flaunt Digital Tools was born

eCommerce analytics? PR campaign reports? Content optimisation?

We’ve got a tool for that. Because if we can’t find the right tools for our work, we build them.


Content optimization the right way – integrating Google’s natural language processing tool, so you can see exactly what Google thinks of your content. Produce relevant, on-brand content, that google understands, and stands out in the SERPs.

Well not new for 2022, this was a 2019 baby, but 2022 was the year Goose really came into its own with new branding, further development and expanded roll-out.


Measurable PR success at every stage of your campaign. Make reactive decisions based on data and impact and create bespoke reports at the click of a button. Tired of an endless search for software to meet all our requirements, we stopped looking and decided to make our own instead, and are we glad we did. Bound has allowed us to bring together every element of our PR campaigns, and plan based on all the results.


eCommerce analytics at a fraction of the cost of Google Analytics 360. Allowing you full access to all your data for informed and accurate analysis. Did we mention the full-view reporting with custom attribution model that tracks the user’s journey? Okay, now we’re just showing off.

Watch this space for details of our tools, and subscription packages coming soon.

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