Hatton Jewellers – Multi-Channel Case Study (Black Friday & Christmas)


The project

Hatton Jewellers is a London-based retailer that offers a wide range of fine jewellery including chains, engagement rings and luxury watches through both its high-street store and e-commerce website.

The Brief: Flaunt Digital was tasked with boosting Hatton Jewellers’ online revenue over the Black Friday and Christmas period, through the implementation of a multi-channel marketing strategy. The strategy focused on organic search, display advertising, Google Shopping, paid search and social advertising.

The Challenges: In a period that is known for increased budgets and high competition within the e-commerce industry, Flaunt Digital was faced with the task of planning an efficient multi-channel strategy that would maximise return on investment for the client.

What We Did: In order to boost visibility across Google’s SERPs and successfully compete with high-street jewellers, Flaunt Digital’s bought media team created highly-targeted search ads with relevant messaging that highlighted some of the seasonal offers on-site. There was a focus on consistent messaging and branding across both display and social media ads, focusing on visuals that reflected Hatton’s website design. Cost-per-click bids were gradually increased for the top-performing keywords, dedicating more budget for the campaigns that delivered the highest conversion rates.

Flaunt Digital’s SEO team also optimised functional content across key high-volume pillar pages to increase organic visibility ahead of the festive period. This in-turn brought down the combined Cost of Sale across the multi-channel strategy, giving Flaunt’s bought media team more leeway to increase budgets and truly drive revenue.