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What’s Going On With TikTok?

Written by Reece
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TikTok has been under fire for quite some time now due to its supposed security issues which could pose a threat to users’ data. This is yet to have any implications on the app itself, with the social media platform only growing stronger with each video. 

But why TikTok? You may ask. 

Well, the reason TikTok specifically has been targeted is due to its privacy and data collection policies which have been seen by the FBI as somewhat of an ‘open door’. The fear is that foreign governments will be able to exploit these shortcomings to access hundreds of millions of user data.


Will This Change TikTok?

As of this moment, there’s no need to panic as TikTok is taking all of the necessary steps to address concerns. The platform will deploy security gateways to add another layer of protection but this won’t affect the way that users interact with the platform.

The heat is on, though, and there’s no telling how long TikTok could remain under the microscope. There’s also the chance that the app won’t be able to meet security requirements and will end up 6MB under, along with Vine, in the social media graveyard. 

If this happens though, which let’s be honest is unlikely, there’s no doubt that TikTok will live on in other forms…

The Ever-growing Popularity Of TikTok

Essentially taking over from Vine, as the modern-day iteration, TikTok has popularised a strong focus on short-form video content. Just as Instagram did with photos, TikTok has done with video, proving that you don’t need to post status updates to be popular.

The format of the video newsfeed has become so popular in fact that other platforms are following suit and introducing TikTok-style video feeds. The latest example is Spotify which has introduced music, podcasts and audiobook scrolling feeds, which copy the same layout. It’s all a bit reminiscent of ‘Stories’, isn’t it?


The Current State Of Play

As for now, TikTok will continue to operate as one of the world’s most popular video apps, with no hindrance to its users. For the everyday user such as us, we needn’t worry, we’re expecting many more months of easy-access super funny videos.

On the topic of users, Flaunt has recently joined the party with a full-fledged TikTok account. We’re posting breakdowns of our latest blog posts, snippets from our podcast, Resting Pitch Face, and other happenings from inside Flaunt HQ. If this sounds like your jam, give us a follow and join us on our TikTok journey as we face the future of the social media app together.

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