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Love is In the Air: Valentine’s Week Marketing Round-Up

Written by Mackenzie
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Love has certainly been in the air this Valentine’s week as a range of brands have pulled it out of the bag with memorable marketing campaigns and clever content to captivate customers all over the globe.

In this blog, we share our tips on how to boost your awareness day content to ensure it hits the mark as well as provide a round-up of our top 3 favourite Valentine’s marketing campaigns from this week.

How to Boost the Reach of Your Valentine’s Day Content in Time For Next Year

Did you make the most of your Valentine’s content this week? You may have built the occasion into your social strategy, but did you plan how you were going to make your campaign visible to the target groups you wished to reach? 

  1. Run a UGC competition on social media 

Publishing Valentine’s Day content on your brand’s social media channels will put you at the forefront of your audience’s eyes. The general idea is simple: you set up a competition in which followers can win a prize by creating Valentine’s Day content aligned with your campaign and posting it to their accounts. This will ensure your brand is exposed to new groups of social media users who learn about your brand, resulting in a whole host of potential new customers. 

  1. Create content people can relate to 

When it comes to making your Valentine’s Day content go viral, there is no “easy” way to do it (sorry!). The key is to create relatable content you know your audience will enjoy. Use your insights to really speak to your audience through the content you publish. Remember that they are real people, so be sure to create content that will appeal to their specific, interests, and sense of humour. 

  1. Get ahead of the game

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to asking when you should begin working on a Valentine’s Day campaign, but starting early will give you more opportunities to attract new customers and provide existing ones with new and exciting products. You can begin prepping your ideas towards the end of the calendar year but we suggest that you hold off on promoting Valentine’s Day content until after the festive period is over. Wave goodbye to the madness of Christmas,  New Year’s Eve and January sales – then it’s prime time to say hello to Valentine’s Day content!

Flaunt’s Top 3 Valentine’s PR Campaigns

From florists avoiding selling your typical red roses to being able to send your ex a scorpion (yikes!), this Valentine’s Day has been one everyone can get involved with – even when you don’t have a significant other. 

  1. Bloom & Wild – Happy Tuesday

Bloom & Wild are great at breaking the stigmas! 

When you think of Valentine’s Day, you think of flowers. Right? Back in 2021, they stopped selling red roses on Valentine’s Day after conducting extensive research which showed that customers overwhelmingly preferred to receive other flower varieties and bouquet styles that express emotion more thoughtfully and authentically.

Plus did you know going red-rose-free helps towards their sustainability goals as a certified Carbon Neutral business, as we avoid the huge levels of waste that come from trying to forecast a product that people only want to buy one day of the year. 

This week they also shared photos of their pop-up shop in Kings Cross with Valentine’s crossed out and changed to say ‘Happy Tuesday’ – it is just another day for a lot of people! Bloom & Wild know that consumers will be purchasing flowers for loved ones anyway so this is a great opportunity for them to be a little disruptive!

  1. Nelly London x VUSH

Lifestyle & body positivity influencer, Nelly London, has recently partnered with sexual wellness brand, VUSH. In this campaign, they got her to design her own toy and the content that’s come with it felt so authentic. On Tuesday 14th February she shared Insta Stories of her dancing with her vibrator in fields, she got photo booth photos with it, wrapped up with an amazing tongue & cheek reel showing how she spent Valentine’s Day with it!

  1. Topo Chico Hard Seltzer

Did things end badly with you and your ex? Do you want to send them a little something on Valentine’s Day that isn’t chocolates or flowers? Topp Chico, the beverage brand have got you covered with their edible scorpions. These Valentine’s scorpions arrive in a heart-shaped box, and are dipped in a strawberry guava coating inspired by the brand’s signature seltzer flavour—and yes, they are real scorpions! Each order also came with a discounted Topo Chico Hard Seltzer for participation.

Last year, the Coca-Cola brand launched a similar campaign, but instead of a scorpion offered a cactus as a gift…

And on that prickly note, we’ll end our 2023 Valentine’s Day camaign round-up here.

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