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Top 3 PPC Predictions For 2019

Written by Caroline
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In our latest video, Caroline, Flaunt Digital’s PPC Manager, shares her top 3 PPC predictions for 2019. Why not subscribe to our YouTube channel for more videos like this?

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Hi, everyone. I’m Caroline Berry and I’m the PPC manager here at Flaunt Digital. Today, I’m going to be talking about my predictions for PPC in 2019.

1. The Rise Of Audiences

First up, is the rise of audiences. The importance of audiences has grown so much over 2018 and I expect that to continue into 2019. Layering audience-based targeting on top of the traditional keyword method that we’re all so accustomed to really helps us to have a more relevant and targeted approach to targeting users which in the end will help us have a stronger click-through and conversion rate.

We can really focus on what the customer is actually wanting to search for rather than just having very generic messaging in the ad copy. The benefits of an audience-based targeting method
enables us to target several user sets who may have different intent and may be in different parts of the user journey. We can make the ads that we do show to them as relevant and personalized as possible which is going to help click-through rate and in turn conversion rate and get a stronger return.

2. The Continuous Growth Of Attribution

My second prediction for 2019 PPC trends is the continuous growth of attribution and the importance it has in the land of PPC. Cross-channel and cross-device attribution are becoming more and more prevalent in business’s marketing strategies. The rise of Google’s data-driven attribution model in 2018 has paved the way for more businesses to understand the importance of this and it works hand-in-hand with Google’s micro-moments philosophy.

I believe this will become the norm strategy in 2019 when people understand the prevalence and importance it has on all of your marketing
strategy. The data-driven attribution model gives credit for conversions based on how the customer has interacted throughout the entire customer journey. This helps us at a strategy level to understand the most granular data to optimize in the best way possible rather than just on a last click model.

3. Amazon Becoming A Major Player

My final prediction for 2019 PPC trends is Amazon becoming a major player within the PPC World. Alongside Amazon rebranding all their marketing facets into one entity, they’ve also become the third largest and fastest-growing advertiser behind Google and Facebook; with a 9.78% conversion rate on Amazon Advertising in November due to users on Amazon having a much stronger buyer intent than they do on Google and Facebook. I believe it is more appealing for businesses to put budget behind a platform that they are more guaranteed to get a stronger return.

And that’s it. Those are my three predictions for PPC trends in 2019. I’d really like to know if your predictions are the same as mine and if not what you think is going to happen in the PPC landscape in 2019. So, don’t forget to leave a comment below. Thanks for watching!

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