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Top 25 Digital Marketing Influencers In 2019

Written by Daniel
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There’s no doubt that digital marketing is one of the most sought-after skills right now. And it’s likely that this requirement is only going to grow faster as the world increasingly revolves around digital.

For people looking to develop their digital marketing skills the options are endless. There are literally thousands of online courses from the likes of Google, the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), Udemy, or various independent websites.

But what if you don’t have the spare time or cash to invest in an online qualification? Well, there are countless digital marketing experts that regularly publish blogs, videos and other online content to help people like you refine their marketing knowledge.

In this blog, I’ll be highlighting 25 of those digital marketing influencers…

David Bain

David Bain is probably most well-known for his ‘Digital Marketing Radio’ podcast, but that’s not where it stops. He’s published his own book, been featured on several industry blogging sites such as Search Engine People and even has his own regular show on SEMRush called ‘Search Marketing Scoop’.

Alexandra Tachalova

As the founder of online digital marketing conference, ‘Digital Olympus’, Alexandra is doing some great things for the industry. She’s clued up across the whole board of digital, but particularly in content marketing. Certainly someone to keep an eye on…

Sam Hurley

As a regular contributor to global blogging sites including Entrepreneur, Fast Company and Forbes, Sam has made his name as one of the top marketing influencers right now. If you’re after a regular stream of in-depth marketing posts, mixed in with inspiring quotes and motivational photos then be sure to give him a follow on Twitter.

Ian Anderson Gray

Founder of the Confident Live Marketing Academy, Ian certainly knows his stuff when it comes to digital marketing. His Twitter feed is packed full of useful tips on social media, live-streaming, marketing tools and loads more.

Mike Allton

Content Marketing expert, Mike Allton, is a must-follow if you want to up your content game. Publishing a regular flow of in-depth blog posts, Mike really does go that extra mile to add value to his audience.

Andrew and Pete

Is there a better digital marketing duo than Andrew and Pete? I doubt it. These two make digital marketing more fun than you could possibly imagine, with a host of engaging videos on their YouTube channel. They also post a ton of great content on their website, from blogs to podcasts and everything in between.

Lukasz Zelezny

As a key player in the SEO industry for over 10 years, Lukasz has made his name as one of the top UK digital influencers. He currently heads up Zoopla’s organic search department and regularly appears as a keynote speaker at industry events.

Kirsty Hulse

Having built up a successful digital marketing agency from scratch, Kirsty has gone on to work with global brands such as Virgin Atlantic and IBM. She’s recently launched her own book, ‘The Future Is Freelance’ and often speaks at popular industry conferences. I actually saw her put on a great talk about content marketing at this year’s Search Leeds and I’ve been following her ever since.

Stewart Rogers

Director of Marketing Technology at popular industry news site, VentureBeat, Stewart is one of the go-to influencers for all of the latest updates in the world of digital. He posts fresh, relevant content on Twitter most days, so is a really useful person to follow.

Ollie Whitfield

At just 21 years of age, Ollie has already taken the social media scene by storm. With a backlog of blogs, podcasts and video tutorials, Ollie is a great source for anyone wanting to learn how to master the art of social selling.

Mark Traphagen

Senior Director of Brand Evangelism at digital agency, Stone Temple, Mark has amassed a huge social following of over 150,000 people – and for a good reason. He’s spoken at several major industry conferences such as Mozcon and has been featured on all of the top digital blog sites like Search Engine Land, Marketing Land and Search Engine Journal.

Josh Steimle

As the founder of international digital agency, MWI, Josh has had the opportunity to work with some huge clients such as Sony and LG. As well as appearing on the TEDx stage, Josh is the co-director of the Hong Kong chapter of popular business blog site ‘Startup Grind’.

Mark Asquith

Having worked with some of the UK’s biggest corporations such as the NHS, Mark has a wealth of experience in digital marketing. He currently runs a startup consultancy called Excellence Expected, as well as several other businesses such as Podcast Websites & Hacksaw.

AJ Ghergich

Regular contributor on industry sites like Moz and SEMRush, AJ certainly knows his stuff when it comes to SEO. When he isn’t busy running his agency, Ghergich & Co, he’ll be online tweeting about all the latest SEO and digital marketing news.

Janet Fouts

‘Mindful Social Media Coach’, Janet Fouts, aims to help people up their social media skills, whilst encouraging mindfulness and emotional intelligence along the way. She’s published several successful books and is regularly mentioned along with the top digital marketing influencers.

Barry Adams

Founder of an award-winning SEO agency, Barry has spoken at countless industry events around the world. When he’s not sharing content on his popular blog site ‘State of Digital’, you’ll find him featuring on other industry blogs such as Search Engine Land.

Darren Rowse

Owner of successful blogging sites, ProBlogger & Digital Photography School, Darren has made it his mission to help other people make money from blogging. With 15 years’ experience as a professional blogger, Darren is one of the go-to sources for anyone looking to start a blog.

Neal Schaffer

Named amongst Forbes’ Top 50 Social Media Power Influencers two years in a row, Neal is the founder of popular marketing blog Maximize Social Business and has published several successful books. As a leading social media strategist, he’s helped with the online growth of hundreds of companies from startups to Fortune 500 organisations.

Dhariana Lozano

Co-founder of successful New York social media agency, Supremacy Marketing, Dhariana has a breadth of knowledge in growing brands through social media. She’s a regular contributor to blogging websites such as AgoraPulse and Social Media Today, sharing great content on everything from generating ideas for Instagram Stories to how to use snackable content effectively.

Roberto Blake

With over 300,000 YouTube subscribers, Roberto has taken the video marketing scene by storm. With regular videos on everything from how to improve your video skills to getting your personal branding right, he truly is the ‘Creative Entrepreneur’ that he labels himself as. When he’s not publishing new videos on YouTube you’ll find him sharing engaging content on Twitter.

Julia Campbell

For anyone looking to find out more about digital marketing, specifically in the non-profit sector, Julia is a must-follow. She’s also published a widely successful book, ‘Storytelling in the Digital Age: A Guide for Nonprofits’ for anyone wanting to go a bit more in-depth into marketing for non-profits.

Shane Barker

Digital marketing consultant, Shane Barker, has worked with a huge roster of brands and celebrities, from ex-NFL players to Fortune 500 companies. He’s also been featured in some of the top online publications including Forbes, Entrepreneur and Huffington Post, which he shares across his Twitter feed.

Branden Hampton

How he managed to get the Twitter handle ‘@CEO’, I have no clue. But Branden Hampton has truly mastered the art of social media. Labelled ‘the largest independent social media publisher in the world’ back in 2014, Branden reportedly earns six figures per quarter, solely from Twitter. If you want to learn about making money with social media he could be a key person to follow.

Gail Gardner

Marketing strategist and founder of successful blog website, Growmap, Gail is a must-follow for anyone wanting to take their small business to the next level. Her award-winning blog was included in Cision’s Top 100 Sites for Marketers back in 2016 and has featured some of the top industry influencers.

Barry Schwartz

CEO of successful web service firm, RustyBrick, Barry Schwartz has been heavily involved in search for nearly 25 years. He’s also been the Editor of two of the SEO industry’s biggest blogging sites, Search Engine Land and Search Engine Roundtable, for over a decade.

For anyone looking to expand their knowledge on any aspect of digital marketing, these influencers are a great place to start. Whether you want to drill down on your SEO knowledge or discover how to get started with live video, these experts have you covered.

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