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Todoist Tool Review

Written by Lee
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In Episode 7 of The Flaunt Review, Lee shares his thoughts on the popular task management tool, ‘Todoist’. For all the latest episodes of The Flaunt Review, make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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Hi guys, I’m Lee from Flaunt Digital. Today, I’m going to talk to you quickly about a tool called Todoist. It’s a task management tool. If you head over to todoist.com, you can check it out. The great thing about the app is it’s completely cross-platform. So, they’ve got an Android and an iOS app which work seamlessly, they’ve also got an in-browser version, they’ve got a Chrome extension which works really well and you get a very similar if not the same user experience. So using it on your phone is as familiar as using it online which sometimes you have a disparity between those with other companies, so the guys there have done a really good job.

I’ve been using Todoist for six or seven years, I think, now. I sort of jumped on it when it first came out. It’s really simple to use. It’s really cost effective. I think the premium version is less than three pounds a month if you pay annually and for the time that you save and the user experience that you get for that, it’s really, really good value.

You can also use the tool for business. It just gives you a bit more functionality so you can collaborate on tasks and label things, put reminders on things. It gives you some really unique visualisations if you’re working as part as a team so you can see, sort of, productivity and how quickly things are developing in a really visual way.

One of the other things that I think because the user experience is so good that I utilize is on an evening or on a Sunday night before I start my week, I will list out my tasks as a way of sort of dumping them and making sure that everything’s in hand. Allows me to get that off my mind and sleep a little bit better. So thanks to the guys at Todoist for helping me to do that.

If you’ve got any questions fire them over, I can give you a little bit of advice on what functionality it has or, alternatively, just check out the website or speak to the guys there. But, yeah, wholeheartedly recommend it.

Okay, thank you for watching. If you’ve got any questions, comment below or we’re @FlauntDigital on Twitter and Instagram, or just hit us up on YouTube.

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