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Ruler Analytics Call Tracking Software Review

Written by Chris
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In Episode 5 of ‘The Flaunt Review’ Chris shares his thoughts on the popular call tracking & marketing attribution tool, Ruler Analytics. Subscribe to the Flaunt Digital YouTube channel for all the latest episodes of The Flaunt Review…

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Hi, guys. I’m Chris at Flaunt Digital, and today I’m going to talk to you a little bit about the call tracking software called Ruler Analytics. 

So, Ruler Analytics is some call tracking software, and what it basically does is it generates dynamic numbers on your website which relate to your marketing efforts. So, it might be, for example, that somebody searches on a specific keyword, lands on your website, calls a dynamic number that’s generated based on the geographical location, or the type of products that they’re interested on the site. That information, when they call, is then stored and passed back to the relative dashboard that’s driven that traffic. So, that allows you to tie your conversions or leads back to a specific marketing effort, and then you can optimize that for better growth. 

Another advantage of using dynamic call tracking is that you can store the recording of the conversation that’s occurred. This is quite beneficial as well from just a customer services’ standpoint, and for, obviously, training in-house staff to deal with calls in a certain way.

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