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Our Journey Towards B-Corp

Written by Polly
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We are excited to share the progress we have made on our journey towards becoming a B-Corp certified company. After more than a year of dedicated efforts, we have recently submitted our B-Corp assessment for review. This milestone marks a significant achievement for us as we strive to align our operations and business as a force for good. It’s been a long journey to this point, and we thought what could be better than sharing that journey with others who might be thinking about the B-Corp path. 

Building an Internal B-Corp Committee

Recognising the importance of consistency and cross-team collaboration, we formed an internal B-Corp committee with members from departments across Flaunt. This committee ensures that our values and procedures are consistent across the business and enables us to identify areas for improvement within individual teams. By involving representatives from every team, we hope to create a sense of collective responsibility and facilitate a team approach to meeting the B-Corp standards.

Leading the B-Corp Assessment

The size and scope of the project required a hands-on approach from our CEO, Lee, so alongside Polly, they utilised their combined expertise and commitment to our goals and set out the best path for Flaunt as well as navigating the complexities of the B-Corp assessment.

Guidance from B-Corp Leader

To ensure our assessment process aligned seamlessly with our business goals, we sought the guidance of Fiona from Make Impact, a renowned B-Corp leader. Fiona’s invaluable insights and expertise allowed us to gain a deeper understanding of the assessment and its implications for our business. The initial project planning meeting and subsequent discovery meeting helped us identify specific areas of focus, ensuring that our efforts were well-directed and clear.

Embracing Collaboration

To foster a collaborative approach, we organised an introductory session to familiarise our team with the B-Corp assessment and its significance. This session served as a platform for open discussions, enabling everyone to understand the importance of B-Corp certification and its positive impact on our business, employees, and the community. Additionally, we conducted a full-day workshop with our B-Corp Committee and Make Impact, encouraging active participation and constructive discussions to generate insights and ideas.

Continuous Improvement

The B-Corp assessment process doesn’t end with its completion; it marks the beginning of an ongoing commitment to improvement. To ensure that the assessment findings were effectively implemented, we developed a follow-up action plan. This plan served as a roadmap, guiding us in making necessary improvements and adjustments to our business practices. Regular review chats were scheduled to monitor our progress, address challenges, and refine our strategies, ultimately working towards meeting the high standards of B-Corp certification.

As we eagerly await the results of our B-Corp assessment, we are proud of the progress we have made in our journey towards B-Corp certification. Follow Flaunt on LinkedIn and Instagram for news on our B-Corp journey.

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