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What is micro content & why is it important?

Written by Lee
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With the rise of content marketing’s popularity naturally there is now an ecosystem of terms and techniques that sit uniquely within content marketing.

What Is Micro Content?

One key term that has become a “buzzword” within content marketing is “micro content”. There are lots of definitions of what micro content is but to put it simply:

Micro content is a small piece of content or creative that can be consumed by a reader within 10 seconds or less.

The explosion of social networks has created the ability for brands and individuals to have easy accessibility to distribute content. Although it is easier than ever to push content out, there are a couple of key points that need to be considered:

  • Respect the platform – this one is key, not only does each social network have its own audience demographic but you also have to consider that the format of how content is displayed varies greatly from platform to platform.
  • Where is the attention – technology is moving quicker than ever, this means you have to be alert and aware of any new platforms where you may be able to build early leverage.
  • Where is your audience – if you are a B2B office supplies company then it probably isn’t going to make sense for you to create Snapchat stories, you have to know who your potential customer is and find out where they hang out. Once you have this figured out you can double down and create content specific to that platform.
  • Be native – to give your micro content the best chance of success you need to make sure that it adheres to the platforms format. Make sure your images are going to display optimally, keep your copy within the limits etc. Think mobile, mobile is leading the charge for where people are spending their time online, make sure your micro content looks beautiful across all devices.

But why is micro content important? You are already producing content onsite and pushing it out across social media right?

Why Is Micro Content Important?

Value. Content marketing is about value; if you can provide that to your readership these people are much more likely to turn in to customers because you have already provided them with value. Build small pieces of content that are native to the platform you will be placing it on, engage with anyone that shows interest in your micro content.

Following this strategy builds you the leverage to then push out content that has an action, click through to our blog, join our newsletter or just straight up buy our product.

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