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May PR Campaign Round Up

Written by Elise
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May has been a month of bank holidays, a historical royal event and sunny beer garden weather. Despite plenty of journalists out of offices and some major celebrity gossip taking over the news cycle, we have seen some tremendous creative campaigns over the last few weeks. 

We’re looking at our favourite campaigns that have been popping up in May. From sunny Corona billboards to Coronation specials, a whole host of fun campaigns have been catching our attention. 

Corona’s 100% Natural Billboard  

Celebrating the start of summer and the sunshine finally appearing, Corona has unveiled a 100% natural billboard campaign. Located on the seafront in Brighton, the “foliage-adorned” billboard casts a shadow when light from the sun hits it revealing a secret message “Made from the Natural World”. 

Corona stated that “As a beer brewed with 100% natural ingredients, Corona aims to celebrate the power of nature and the role it plays in the beer’s creation through its campaigns.

The fleeting appearance of the message is designed to dramatise the naturally occurring magic moments orchestrated by the natural world, encouraging those around it to take a moment to disconnect from their fast-paced lives for a second.”

Image Source: Marketing Beat

easyJet’s Buckingsand Castle

Research revealed that 70% of Brits on holiday over the bank holiday weekend would be celebrating the Coronation. To mark easyJets “Holiday Fit For A King” Campaign, a sand castle bucket of the UK’s most famous landmark Buckingham Palace, was commissioned. 

The end result was built by 9-year-old Levi Babin producing a scale model sandcastle of King Charles’ official London residence with the sand castle bucket. This measured 3ft wide by 0.8ft high by 0.6ft deep and contains 3-4kg of sand. 

Image Source: Yahoo News

PG Tips National Anthem

We all love a good cup of tea in the UK and earlier this month PG Tips marked the Coronation with a new tea-based National Anthem. Of course, the latest track was created entirely with the sounds of making a cuppa – can you even think of anything more British?

PG Tips also sponsored the Coronation Big Lunch from 6th – 8th May.

Image Source: Instagram

IKEA Hits Home For Parents

IKEA is a well-known affordable home furnishing and solutions company, that many love (the meatballs are an added bonus). Their functional furniture is a big hit among young families with many designs made just for babies and children. Their latest campaign, ‘Proudly Second Best’, hits home with many parents, focusing on how children would rather spend time in their parent’s arms making the IKEA furniture proudly second best. 

This campaign not only celebrates the unique bond between a child and their parents but also showcases the undeniably great range of products that IKEA provides for new parents.

Image Source: Ads Of The World

Laura Ashley Rebrands Iconic London Phone Box

The British Heritage brand Laura Ashley recently celebrated its 70th anniversary. To mark the occasion they unveiled a mini-exhibition featuring a telephone box which was adorned with their iconic tulip print and shelves inside stocked with fabrics and patterns from each of the decades over the last 70 years. The image of the phone box alongside a model wearing one of the Laura Ashley dresses was shared widely across social media and press publications.

This campaign not only brings colour to the streets of London but also is an on-brand way to celebrate a British brand’s successes.

Image Source: Famous Campaigns

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