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a marketing guide to the netflix series, bridgerton

Written by Mackenzie
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Marketing is an ever-changing industry. With influences from various sources changing the way we view brands, you can take marketing tips from news articles, PR stunts and even your favourite Netflix series. We may be using the team’s latest Netflix binges as ‘research’ but you can learn some amazing marketing trends from many unique sources. 

The global sensation that is Bridgerton returns to Netflix on March 25th. From a fantastic, diverse cast and lavish costumes to steamy romances and the oh-so-dreamy Duke, Bridgerton may be set in 1813 London, but there are plenty of marketing lessons modern-day brands can take from it.

Love Scandals to Gossip Columns: Everything You Need to Know About Bridgerton 

Described as a Regency-era Gossip Girl, Bridgerton follows the story of eight siblings as they search for love and happiness in London high society. The show is narrated by the mysterious Lady Whistledown, who writes regular gossip newsletters about the dating exploits of high society. Everyone reads and takes notice of her gossip but nobody knows who she is. 

The first series is set in 1813 and sees Daphne Bridgerton, the eldest sibling of the family, making her debut in London in the hope of finding a suitable husband conforming to all the crazy rules and expectations which are placed on women, but also men, in those times. Young and naive, as she embarks on her journey to find love… and finds out that the world isn’t quite as she imagined. 

So now you know the basics of the plot, here are five things you need to know before delving further into the series: 

The series is based on best-selling romance novels

The eight-part drama and the new series (coming soon) is adapted from Julia Quinn’s series of Bridgerton novels. They’ve sold more than 10 million copies in the US alone and are available in 32 languages worldwide. 

Bridgerton is produced by one of the biggest names in TV

Shonda Rhines – most known for creating the medical drama Grey’s Anatomy and thriller Scandal – produces the show. In 2017, she was signed by Netflix to develop Bridgerton and the recent series Inventing Anna

The Bridgerton series is a visual spectacular  

British viewers aren’t half partial to a period drama! From opulent costumes to dazzling jewels  and sprawling country homes, Bridgerton is visually spectacular and people love it. From the first few moments of the series you can see the effort that has gone into styling every single character and you truly start to fall in love with them all individually. 

The ‘Bridgerfans’ are not to be messed with – the fans really do love it! 

There’s a huge fandom already behind the series. With the fan forums online already getting behind the next series, there is a huge pressure to impress this huge following, but we’re sure Bridgerton won’t disappoint. 

More Dramatic Scenes and Family Feuds: What to Expect From Series Two  

After indulging in series one, there is no doubt you were left wanting more and it seems safe to assume that you’ll be getting much more when series two is released this March. Of course we can look to the books for some clues of what to expect from the new series, as each one is dedicated to the love story of a different Bridgerton sibling. Season one mostly followed the first novel, The Duke and I – not just sticking to Daphne’s story but also pulling elements from the other novels to expand the Bridgerton universe. 

If the Netflix drama continues to follow the novel’s timeline we are bound to see a lot of Anthony Bridgerton and his attempts at finding love, as well as continuing to unravel threads that connect the rest of the books. Series two is bound to be as gripping as the first! 

Marketing Lessons Brands Can Learn From Bridgerton 

The popularity of the show Bridgerton might be an odd source of inspiration but it’s hard to miss its undeniable presence across social media platforms and marketing. Netflix and their dramas are a marketing phenomenon that every brand should feel inspired by. 

It’s time to take some creative risks 

The way in which Bridgerton deals with some tricky subject matters is risky, but the risk certainly paid off. Being historically correct will earn you fewer critics, but it may actually get you fewer fans. We need to be completely accurate and correct to the facts. Maybe we focus on the risky elements and take on challenging subjects in style. The series is filled with scandal, fascinating characters  and a touch of whimsy that draws viewers in. Take the plunge and take risks within your marketing and it will be sure to intrigue new audiences. 

Relatability is key! 

What people are led to believe, true or not, is their reality, and until you convince them otherwise, this is their truth. It is a brand’s responsibility to create their own brand’s narrative before your customers do it for you. It needs to be consistent and cohesive, like the plot and characters within the show, otherwise your brand will never truly stick. 

The published word is extremely powerful 

When it comes to Bridgerton, no one knows the identity of the town’s anonymous gossip columnist, Lady Whistledown. But, nevertheless, her opinions do seem to matter. In the modern world anyone can be a publisher, especially on social media, and reading something on an actual publication gives it even more credit than on a social media post. Earned media is one of the best ways to capture attention and generate interest as a brand.

Start breaking all the rules 

In Bridgerton we see many rules being broken, especially by Eloise Bridgerton who seems determined to buck the trend and do things differently. So if you want to get ahead of your competition, you need to change the rules of the game. Mix up the content you are posting, use different channels and marketing tools and don’t be afraid to throw out the rule book from time to time!  

Don’t compromise just for the short term wins

With eight books in the Bridgerton series, it’s likely that fans are going to get a dose of the muched-love period drama adaptation for a few years to come. Every day you see brands prioritising small wins and not embracing big brand campaigns that really stick. It’s time to create an extensive launch or PR stunt and you will be sure to see some long-term brand value. 

Learn To Speak Like Lady Whistledown: A Glossary of Bridgerton Terms

When it comes to watching the drama, which is set in 1813, you can occasionally feel like you are translating a different language. From the talk of ‘facer’ to a ‘diamond of the first water’ you may need a little assistance deciphering what the characters are referring to. Learning the lingo of 1800s high society may just add an element of creativity to your marketing strategy. There’s nothing like a unique way with words to draw in your audience!


A person’s facial expression. If you need a quick study, the Duke has many excellent ones.

Diamond of the first water 

Flawless – the total package. A debutant that has got it all going on. 


An efficient way to describe a punch in the face. 


A dressmaker who knows all the fashion trends from Paris. 


To walk in public (usually with someone special). The act is far more significant than just taking a stroll around the park. 

Sire an Heir 

The act of conceiving a child who will inherit the family title and fortune.


To faint in style. Most Bridgerton characters swoon because they are being extra and not because they are in physical distress.  


The upper echelon of London society. Short for ‘le bon ton’, which means good manners, Bridgerton characters refer to it as the society with money, power and respect.  


A nobility title that is above a baron but below a duke. Viscount historically have legal duties, such as presiding over jurisdiction of a country. 

With child

A way of referencing pregnancy without the need to say the word. 

More than ever, people are starting to define themselves by the brands they associate with. So making sure your brand is staying up to date with the current marketing trends will leave you with a brand consumers are proud to associate with. 

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