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Written by Kaitlin
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Lighter evenings have arrived as Spring has finally sprung (we’re just waiting for the weather to catch up now). With a new season comes fresh campaigns waiting to be picked up by the press and here at Flaunt Digital we have whittled them down to share some of our favourites. 

From a different kind of influencer marketing and some fabulous foodie campaigns to the luckiest colour to wear, this spring we have a bundle of campaigns and PR opportunities that really caught our attention. 

‘Serena Williams’, ‘Dwayne Johnson’ and ‘Michael Jordan’ Try Surreal Cereal

The cereal brand Surreal made headlines this month with their (now deleted) campaign involving famous names reviewing their cereal, but it’s not quite what it looks like. This included billboards with copy stating “We’re Dwayne Johnson’s Favourite Cereal” with a disclosure at the bottom stating “Dwayne is a bus driver from London”. 

Surreal found normal people with famous names in order to create a more budget-friendly influencer marketing campaign, and paid them to say nice things about the cereal. This humorous campaign might have even gotten more publicity this way rather than if they actually did reach out to the famous faces, that is until their lawyers got involved. 

Luckiest Coloured Dress at The Oscars

“Lucky girl syndrome” has been a trending TikTok topic recently, and Accessorize has taken this further with a statistical campaign on the luckiest dress colour from the Oscars. This was done by working out the number of people who won wearing the same coloured gown in the “best actress” and “best-supporting actress” categories over the last 40 years at the Oscars. 

For both categories the luckiest coloured dress is yellow. In the best actress nomination, 43% of the nominees who wore it went on to win. Yellow will definitely be the colour for Spring now! 

Heinz x Absolut Tomato Vodka Pasta Sauce

Who remembers that time when all social media feeds were filled with creamy tomato and vodka pasta all thanks to Gigi Hadid? It took the whole world by storm with the recipe being spread across the internet, however, now Heinz has joined forces with Absolut Vodka to create the viral sauce in a jar. 

For those who don’t have the time to open TikTok and hunt down the recipe or want to buy the ingredients separately, this will be the collaboration you always dreamed of. 

Although this collab might seem a bit late to the party, as we have seen many more viral food combinations from TikTok since then (can’t forget Emily Mariko’s salmon and rice dish), the teams at Heinz and Absolut assure us that the sauce is “worth the wait”. 

Sweden Named Top European Country For Women to Work In

On the 8th of March, it was International Women’s Day. There were many great campaigns and movements surrounding this event (we are talking about you, the gender pay gap bot). But a campaign we loved from Reboot Online named the best European country for women’s work progress.  It saw through a variety of factors, such as economic and leadership role opportunities to determine which European countries offer the best prospects for female professionals (spoiler alert: it wasn’t England). 

It was Sweden that came in the top spot scoring 241.4 points out of a possible 300, although the UK didn’t come out on top it did have the highest number of women in leadership positions, so don’t get packing just yet. 

10 Quirky Sausage-Based Recipes

Heck marked its 10th anniversary with a guide to 10 recipes to get more creative in the kitchen, so when you think of Heck sausages you don’t just think of bangers and mash. One of the reimagined recipes was a “sausage trifle” where they swapped out the sweet ingredients and replaced them with piped mash, cheese sauce and topped with sausages – sounds interesting. 

The 10 new recipes are sure to inspire somebody, from sausage sushi, and bao buns, to pork and apple tarte tatin. If you’re ever stuck on what to cook for dinner, Heck has you covered.

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