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june pr campaign round-up

Written by Kaitlin
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June has seen the longest day of the year and the official start of summer. Our inboxes may be full of out-of-offices but there still have been some great campaigns catching our attention this month. 

Some of our favourites from the last few weeks include a Big Whopper from Burger King, fun in the sun with Aldi and some major Barbiecore!

We Give Up. There’s Room For Two in This House 

Burger King’s latest campaign, “We Give Up” shows a tongue-in-cheek response to the Chicken Royale consistently being the restaurant’s best-selling burger. Although Burger King is home to the Whopper, the advert acknowledges that for a lot of people, the chicken option wins. 

The campaign shows different eras from the 1960s and the 2020s, rinsing their previous attempts at marketing their signature burger the Whopper. As the chicken version is always chosen by the customers, even with all the advertising efforts. 

Image Source: Creative Boom

It’s Rosé Degrees

A billboard that dispenses rosé, what more could you want? Aldi has launched this campaign for the nation to access their favourite summer tipple when the weather hits the perfect temperature – 19.2 degrees. 

This campaign came just in time for National Rosé Day (10 June), and the billboard is placed in Manchester as according to Aldi’s data the Mancunians are the biggest Rosé-loving region. It’s lucky that Manchester, notorious for rainy days, held on to the sun for the public to enjoy the classic summer drink. 

Image Source: Marketing Beat

Barbie Dreamhouse on Airbnb

The much anticipated Barbie Movie will be in cinemas next month, and there has already been a lot of hype around the premiere with Barbiecore being a trending topic for some time now. However, this collaboration with Airbnb might just be our favourite yet! 

Fans can officially rent the Malibu Barbie Dreamhouse on Airbnb with Ken being the Airbnb host. The iconic pink house has been seen on satellite footage in Malibu and even has its own page on Airbnb. We know where we want to spend the night! 

Image Source: Airbnb Newsroom

Netflix Streamberry Site 

With the season 6 launch of Black Mirror this month Netflix runs a campaign, after the highly talked about episode “Joan is Awful”. A very similar streaming service features in this episode of Black Mirror called Streamberry, so Netflix ran with this rebrand for their latest campaign and has changed their username on Twitter also. 

The Streamberry site even lets you sign up to the platform, which looks exactly like Netflix, and signing up also requires you to upload or take a photograph of yourself. But if you’ve watched the episode of Black Mirror you’ll realise this is a big red flag!

Image Source: Mashable

Prince Harry Might Not Want the Limelight But DASH Does

How could we not add this good old-fashioned PR stunt to this month’s round-up? The sparkling water brand DASH took a visit to the high court, for the cross-examination of Prince Harry in the phone hacking trial. 

The brand handed out DASH lime as a refreshment to the unsuspecting news crews with a sandwich board with the copy “Harry doesn’t want the limelight but we do”. This was caught on camera and was broadcasted live on the BBC. As well as this, the brand posted it to their socials gaining even more views. 

Image Source: Famous Campaigns

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