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June 2018: Monthly Content Round-Up

Written by Daniel
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It’s safe to say that Summer is well-and-truly underway! In the second edition of our monthly content roundup we share some cool ideas for your email marketing campaigns, how to maintain a consistent flow of social media content whilst you’re on holiday, Instagram’s new long-form video platform ‘IGTV’ and more…


5 Ideas For Your Next Email Marketing Campaign

Even from the early days of online marketing, email has been crucial in allowing brands to get in front of their target audience with the click of a button. But finding that creative inspiration for a killer email marketing campaign can often be more difficult than you might imagine. We’ve rounded up 5 ideas that you could use for your next email marketing campaign…

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Industry Spotlight: Episode 12

Episode 12 of our Industry Spotlight series was certainly an eventful one! In this Episode Lee, Chris & Jamie sit down to discuss Amazon’s new re-targeting ad product, Facebook’s upcoming Influencer Marketing Search Engine tool, Microsoft’s acquisition of Github and more…

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An Easy Guide To Creating A Blog Calendar

Having a regularly-updated onsite blog has long been one of the most influential ranking factors for search engines, hence why so many websites have one. But for a lot of businesses with smaller marketing teams it’s something they simply don’t have the time, resources or expertise to do. Here’s everything you need to start your blog with just one hour a week…

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Industry Spotlight: Episode 13

In Episode 13 of Industry Spotlight, the Flaunt Digital team sits down to discuss Instagram’s new ‘Shoppable Posts’ feature for stories, LinkedIn’s roll-out of their new Carousel Ad format, the launch of Instagram’s new long-form video platform ‘IGTV’ and Amazon’s launch of ‘Aurora Backtrack’ for AWS…

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How To Automate Your Social Media Schedule Whilst On Holiday

It’s getting to that time of the year where employees start taking their holidays for the summer. From a content marketing perspective this isn’t ideal, often leaving businesses with empty social media schedules and a drop in website traffic. We share some easy ways to keep your social media schedule topped up whilst you’re on holiday this summer…


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