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Instagram Tests New Verification Process

Written by Daniel
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In Episode 14 of Industry Spotlight, the Flaunt Digital team discuss Instagram’s recent announcement that it will be testing a new process that allows users to apply for a verified account. For more videos like this, why not subscribe to our YouTube channel?

See below for the full video transcription.



Lee: Okay, so we’re going to touch on Instagram starting to slowly allow users to apply for verified accounts. Some pretty staggering stats coming out about people having to purchase verified accounts for up to $15,000, which I find hard to believe, just to get a little blue tick next to your name.

Jamie: Just go on Love Island…

Lee: So, this is something they’re looking to do slowly, only in Australia for the moment. I don’t know how they’re going to monitor it, but I think this has come off the back of Facebook’s privacy issues over the last couple of months. And they’re trying to level the playing field a little bit, because I think, typically, it’s given to celebrities, and athletes, and stuff like that. 

I think that they’re trying to allow normal people to get the verified accounts, without having to pay through their nose for them. Again, I think it just ties in with Facebook coming under scrutiny for security issues and stuff like that. It’s just another source of trust, isn’t it? So, yeah. Pretty standard.

Jamie: Cool. Does the tick on Instagram apply to Facebook as well, at the same time, because they’re the same network? Or is it two entirely different things?

Lee: I think it’s independent per platform. I don’t think you can be verified on Instagram and automatically be verified on Facebook.

Jamie: Yeah, if you’ve got tick on one and you go, “Can I have it on that one, please?” they’d go…

Lee: Probably.

Jamie: Yeah.

Lee: Probably. I still can’t believe that someone’s paid 15 grand for a verified account.

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