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Google Optimize Tool Review

Written by Chris
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In the latest episode of ‘The Flaunt Review’ Chris shares his thoughts on Google’s A/B testing and personalisation tool, Google Optimize. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for all the latest episodes of The Flaunt Review.

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Hi, I’m Chris at Flaunt Digital, and today we’re going to be talking about Google Optimize, one of the tools that now sits under the Google Analytics suite.

So, Google Optimize is a A/B testing and personalisation platform that Google introduced, and what it allows advertisers and businesses to do is test the different variations of layout and personalisation on the website.

Now, in the past, you’ve had to pay big providers to do this or you’ve had to get your own development team to generate different ways of testing the website. One example is the brand Optimizely. I’m sure a lot of advertisers and publishers are quite familiar with them.

However, Google have now entered the market with this completely free tool, it does have limitations in terms of how many different tests you can run. But what it allows you to do, in essence, is test the different variations and layouts of different pages so you can get the best conversion rates for your business. It operates on an easy WYSIWYG platform and design so you can move elements about, switch and change colours and just generally personalise the content to make sure you’re testing and refining your content on an ongoing basis.

Thanks for watching. If you’ve got any thoughts, please comment below.

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