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Unsplash: Free Image Platform Review

Written by Lee
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We’ve just launched a new video series where we’ll be reviewing some of the different apps and tools that we use at Flaunt Digital. For all the latest episodes, make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

In the first episode of The Flaunt Review, Lee shares his thoughts on the popular free image platform, ‘Unsplash’. See below for the full transcription.


Hi, guys, I’m Lee from Flaunt Digital.

Today I’m going to talk to you very quickly about a site called “Unsplash”. It’s a great resource to find beautiful, free images to use in your social media.

It’s an online community of photographers that come together and allow you to use their work for free. Although, they do ask that you credit them. There’s a lot of relevant, real-life photos. There’s a lot of landscape photography and things like that.

When it comes to supplementing a blog post, for example, it’s a great place to quickly go on. Just pop a search in for whatever you’re looking for and you’ll get hundreds if not thousands of options. It’s all high resolution so it works really well across the web.

So, that’s unsplash.com. Check it out!

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