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Flaunt Digital’s Volunteer Work at Age UK Leeds

Written by Polly
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At Flaunt, we believe in giving back to the community and using our digital expertise to make a positive impact. Our team has recently been involved in a volunteering initiative with Age UK Leeds, where we’ve had the privilege of assisting the elderly in their digital journeys through the Tech and Tea workshops. Now, we’re excited to announce our new endeavour, a 6-week workshop focused on creating digital journals to capture memories of Leeds. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the details and the digital skills we’ll be utilising to make it a success.

Tech and Tea Workshops

Age UK Leeds has been instrumental in creating a safe and welcoming space for the elderly in our community, providing opportunities to embrace digital technology. Our Flaunt Digital team members have had the pleasure of being a part of their Tech and Tea workshops. These workshops are a platform for elderly individuals to seek help with their devices, receive training, and just have a chat. Technology has the power to improve the quality of life for everyone, but it can be a little harder for those who haven’t grown up with it. Through these workshops, the aim is to empower the elderly and create meaningful connections by sharing digital knowledge and lending a friendly ear for a chat.

Digital Journals of Leeds

Building upon the success of the Tech and Tea workshops, we are thrilled to take on a new challenge in partnership with Age UK Leeds. Over the course of six weeks, we will be facilitating a workshop aimed at creating digital journals that capture people’s memories associated with Leeds. Our objective is to combine digital skills such as drawing, photography, videography and typing to bring these memories to life online. 


Through digital drawing tools, tablets and applications, participants will be able to illustrate their memories of Leeds, whether it’s a beloved landmark, a cherished moment, or a scene from their past.


Utilising smartphones and digital cameras, we’ll help participants in capturing photographs of places and objects that hold significance to them within the city and upload these to the online journal. We will also assist them with using in-store printers and turning old photographs into digital files. 


The workshop will also explore videography techniques, enabling people to create short videos that tell the stories behind their memories. This medium offers a more modern and interactive way to share experiences. 


For those who prefer the written word, we’ll provide assistance in typing up personal anecdotes and memories and uploading these to the online journal.

Flaunt Digital is honoured to partner with Age UK Leeds in this initiative. Through the digital journals, we hope to strengthen community bonds and teach some valuable digital skills along the way. If you’d like to get involved or you’d like to know more about our work with Age UK, please contact Polly on polly.chapman@flauntdigital.com and follow our Instagram and LinkedIn for updates on our workshops. 

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