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Internet Explorer Now the Only Supported Web Browser at Flaunt Digital

Written by Jamie
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After much consideration, the front end development team at Flaunt Digital have decided to now exclusively support Microsoft’s Internet Explorer web browser.


Internet Explorer has taken the world by storm since it’s release in the golden year of 1995. Since then, it’s gone from strength to strength, occupying 95% market share around 2002.

Our preferred browser in action.

All testing for bespoke web development will now take place in our reference browser/device stack, consisting of Windows XP and Internet Explorer 6. Any bugs reported for other browsers will not be considered for fixing, and will be removed from all task lists.


The move eases the burden of front end testing and keeps us away from the cutting-edge, in the comfort of the tried and tested browser we know and love.

Mark Fallaize, front end web developer at Flaunt Digital, said;

This is a great move. I never left Windows XP so this makes no difference to me anyway.

Mark Fallaize

We’re excited that this shift in our development strategy will open up new business opportunities at Flaunt Digital, allowing us to really re-align with the enterprise and corporate market, who still rely on antiquated technologies which no one supports anymore.

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