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February PR Round-Up

Written by Elise
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February has been the month of love, American football… and pancakes, and with these very important events (I’m talking more about the pancakes) comes the fight for seasonal creative press coverage. 

From flushing memories of your ex down the toilet to viral Super Bowl ads and pancake toppings galore, it has been a full month of exciting PR opportunities and campaigns that have brought a smile to everyone’s faces.

What Are Your Toppings?

This is a commonly debated topic within the office and while most argue between the classic lemon and sugar, chocolate and strawberry or banana and cream there are always a few obscurities. However, cookware brand, Circulon found that more than 500,000 people across the country were planning on eating their pancakes with baked beans…

With other unusual toppings including Marmite, mayo and ketchup being used in the UK, their survey set out to find the most popular toppings. Fortunately, none of these made the top 10 list, and it’s safe to say, as a nation, we prefer sweet to savoury pancakes. 34% of Brits opt for the traditional lemon and sugar, 8% choose maple syrup/honey and 7% prefer Nutella, compared to 2% of Brits looking forward to a cheese-filled pancake.

Alongside new survey results, the importance of a good recipe and the perfect pan was said to be the first place to start. After all, brushing up on your flipping skills is an essential part of the big day.

Fenty Beauty X 2023 Super Bowl

If you’re needing a lesson on how to generate a huge buzz without spending a penny, Rihanna is the direction you need to look. If announcing her second pregnancy live on stage during her first live performance in 7 years at the Super Bowl wasn’t iconic enough, the promotion of her beauty brand, Fenty Beauty, to a 113 million audience was just the cherry on the cake. 

Searches for Fenty Beauty increased by 833% after her, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it Invisamatte moment. TikTok trends show the increase in people interested in Fenty Beauty and the product has since been halftime approved on the Fenty website.  

On top of the massive audience she reached watching the Super Bowl, her impressive marketing moment also got people talking on social media and with thousands of engagements, this will have only accelerated her clever move.

The Most Romantic Capital

If you’re looking for a romantic getaway, a few places might spring to mind, however, you now need to look no further as Catamaran Charter Croatia has ranked Europe’s capital cities to find the most romantic destinations. They based their research on a number of factors including the number of romantic restaurants and hotels per million residents.

The top spot was given to Lisbon with 588 romantic restaurants and 152 romantic hotels, the highest ratio per inhabitant of any city in Europe. With Monaco coming in second place and the city of love, Paris, coming in third. Their top ten list came as follows; 

  1. Lisbon, Portugal
  2. Monaco, Monaco
  3. Paris, France
  4. San Marino, San Marino
  5. Rome, Italy
  6. Andorra la Vella, Andorra
  7. Amsterdam, Netherlands
  8. Athens, Greece
  9. Prague, Czech Republic
  10. Reykjavik, Iceland

Flush Your Ex Down The Toilet

Valentine’s Day isn’t full of roses and chocolate for everyone, and even most in happy relationships likely have that one ex who they would happily flush down the toilet. That’s where the toilet paper company, Who Gives a Crap come in…

The company is giving people the opportunity to flush their ex’s empty promises down the toilet. All that you needed to do was send your old love letters in and they would be turned into 100% recycled toilet paper. At least you know that those soppy one-liners, rubbish poetry and old cards will be put to good use.

First Date Fears

Nearly half of Birts have fears about going on a first date and Specsavers have carried out research to find out exactly what people are worried about. A poll of 2000 adults showed that 70% are worried about how to greet their date with 39% of people admitting to having an alcoholic drink beforehand to calm their nerves. 

48% of respondents were nervous about their first kiss and for some, there are added worries, with 20% of glasses wearers experiencing “kiss-clash”. Consequently, 38% of glasses wearers find them annoying when kissing. Specsavers, therefore, decided to offer a one-month free contact lens trial to help people avoid that first-date kiss clash.

The Middle Aisle Catwalk

Who isn’t a lover of the middle aisle in Lidl? This month, this budget supermarket chain was inspired by London Fashion Week when they amped up their photoshoots. Their collection of images was certainly a stand-out showcasing their middle aisle buys as quirky accessories, from ropes transformed into handbags to saucepans as necklaces, there are no limits to creativity and imagination. 

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