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‘Fakeaways’ on the rise after costs skyrocket

Written by Mackenzie
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As a nation of food lovers, we are all seduced by the thought of a takeaway after a long week at work. But budgets are tightening with the current cost of living and food inflation is skyrocketing – this is undoubtedly changing the way we eat and cook.

Brits spend a massive £167 a month on their favourite takeout and two-thirds (68%) admit they want to cook cheaper and healthier meals at home. Plus studies show that 62% are considering cutting down on eating out in 2023. 

Fakeaways’ Are The New Dining Out At Home

Most notable has been a rise in comfort food and ‘fakeaway’ recipes in November 2022 with an additional increase in comfort food recipes on plates. Up 10% from two years ago, signalling home cooks in Britain are seeking comfort food more so now than during the height of the pandemic. Plus Google Trends shows a considerable spike in searches for ‘fakeaways’ in November 2022.

July – November 2022 Google Trends for search Terms ‘fakeaways’

When it comes to popular ‘fakeaways’, coming out on top is pizza, named by two-thirds (65%), followed by Chinese (55%), fish and chips (50%), and Indian (49%). At the same time, Gousto had seen a rise in customers choosing recipes from its own ‘fakeaway’ range, up 8% from last year.

Are You Searching For KFCs 11 Herbs & Spices Or How To Make Nandos Chicken?

Shoppers seeking alternatives to Nandos, Greggs, KFC and McDonald’s have flocked to the stores to buy versions of popular fast food dishes, and some are even having a go at creating their own versions at home. Taking the world by storm through the pandemic in 2020 and predicted to continue the trend due to the cost of living crisis, people were clearly searching for their much-loved KFC and Nandos recipes. 

Jan 2020 – Jan 2023 Google Trends for search Terms ‘KFC Recipe’
Jan 2020 – Jan 2023 Google Trends for search Terms ‘Nandos Recipe’

Time To Cook Up A ‘Fakeaway’

With more Brits hoping to cook up a storm in the kitchen the top five dishes we would like to recreate at home are revealed: 

  1. Fried Chicken (25%)
  2. Chow Mein (24%)
  3. Spring Rolls (20%)
  4. Chicken Tikka Masala (19%)
  5. Thai Curry (14%)

To help shoppers make simple and easy meals at home whilst saving money and still tasting great, SPAR tasked popular TikTok creators Macey Newberry, Becki Jones and Zoe The Olive to beat the time of ordering a takeaway and recreate their own ‘fakeaway’ at home. 

With dishes including stir fry and cheeseburgers all made from scratch, shoppers across the UK are discovering why home-cooked meals are a must this winter. 

How Can F&D Brands Utilise The Rise In ‘Fakeaways’

With the rise in searches for ‘fakeaways’ could brands be utilising this within their campaigns? 

Taking a look at the ever-growing company Iceland they have created a blog full of fakeaway recipes using their products. Creating content that packs a punch on the current trends, from homemade Nandos to the ultimate KFC at home and even recipes from all around the world, you can have the takeaway experience at a cheaper price. 

In their stores, along with ALDI, they have brought out ‘fakeaway’ meal boxes, including dupes of the famous Big Mac and buckets of finger-lickin’ southern fried chicken. 

These chain supermarkets are listening to their audiences and jumping on the trends we are seeing over social media platforms. Making them current, on-trend and clearly building a relationship with their customers. 

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