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DoubleClick Search Update: What Is Adaptive Remarketing?

Written by Daniel
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In Episode 2 of the Industry Spotlight Chris, Lee & Jamie discuss the latest update to DoubleClick Search – Adaptive Remarketing. Why not subscribe to our YouTube channel for all the latest digital news and trends?

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Chris: All right. Well, the next topic we’re gonna be discussing is DoubleClick Search’s latest feature, which is called adaptive remarketing. So what they’ve done is they’ve basically taken a traditional remarketing list and allowed machine learning to update the audiences and the bit modifier across all your campaigns, across DoubleClick Search. So it’s not yet available in AdWords, and it probably won’t be for a while, but it’s just that next generation of machine learning that they’re starting to introduce now. 

Lee: How does that relate to budget? I presume it’s all managed. 

Chris: Well, no, that’s the thing. It’s automated, it’s getting to that programmatic way of advertising through search now. So, as opposed to you going through each campaign, and having an audience based on previous performance, DoubleClick’s gonna do it for you and say “this particular audience should be appended to this campaign or ad group.” And then the bit will be changed based on historical performance. So it’s just an automated way…it’s that next generation of remarketing, and there’s not been much in terms of remarketing since the inception of it, really, and it’s always been manual up until this point. 

Lee: So it’s more about being adaptive, and being able to jump on it and expand your reach, without having to capture trend all physically, expand it yourself? 

Chris: Yeah, I think that’s it. It’s trying to take the weight, especially for bigger advertisers…trying to take the weight out of manually going through every campaign and seeing which audience works. Because, as most advertisers all know, it becomes a bit of a hassle, managing every audience, testing their observation layer and then separating it out, figuring out how it performs, one campaign or ad group. Basically, DoubleClick is saying “I’m gonna make your life easier and take strain off the audience side of things.”  Because that in itself is a job in its own. So it’s gonna basically look at every single audience that you’ve got populated in your AdWords account and apply, either an increase of somebody that’s close to converging for an audience or they’ve even got the ability to strip it completely out if it’s underperforming. 

Jamie: Is this all available now, or is this coming soon, or are they staggering it or what?

Lee: Yes, I think it’s available now. Like I said, it won’t be available in AdWords for quite some time. I wouldn’t have thought. It’s only for DS users. 

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