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ChatGPT – What’s All The Fuss?

Written by Reece
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Recently there’s been quite the whirlwind around an AI chatbot which goes by the name of ChatGPT. There has been talk of whether it could be used by students to write essays or as a tool for creating factual content super-quickly and, in theory, it could but it isn’t completely flawless.

Although the bot was designed to have human-like conversations with the user, some conversations can be a little clunky as the bot refuses to forget that it is in fact a result of artificial intelligence. 

But if you’re after more than just a casual chit-chat, then ChatGPT has a lot to offer

ChatGPT Explained

The above example is a great way of showing what ChatGPT should actually be used for. The AI is capable of scouring the web and providing responses that are logical and informative. Simply type in a question, hit enter and wait to see what the chatbot comes back with.

In an attempt to push its boundary between man and machine, we wondered if the bot ever had some relaxing time to itself, maybe to watch a film, and what that film would be.

Again, ChatGPT refused to budge on its virtual allegiances, however, we did come away with a handy list of films which we’ll definitely be adding to our must-watch list.

What’s The Hype?

ChatGPT is actually an incredibly useful tool, which has been utilised by both professionals and students looking for support with their work. Take a look at this for example, you could be mid-workflow, in need of a quick answer to a question and instead of trawling through countless blogs to find the answer, a nifty chatbot serves it up on a silver platter.

This is just a snippet of the answer too, which goes on to give even more examples of how to write a HTTP request!

ChatGPT is also free to use (for now), meaning that literally anyone can log in and start chatting. Supposedly this approach has been chosen so that the chatbot can ‘learn’.

ChatGPT On Socials

Of course, the chatbot has been a hit with brands as many have taken to the platform for some quirky content. Speaking of quirky, how about a bacon doughnut? 

This example from Krispy Kreme is one of our faves…

What Does The Future Look Like For ChatGPT?

Based on how incredibly intuitive the tool is already, we expect at least two things to happen. The first is that it will get even better, for sure. As the bot is always learning, it can only get better the more people that use it.

The other is that it probably won’t be free forever. Once the chatbot becomes even more intelligent and essential to many people’s day-to-day work, we expect some kind of payment system to be implemented.

Regardless of how things turn out for the chatbot, it’s definitely one you should keep your eye on and have a play about with if you haven’t already!

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