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August 2018: Monthly Content Round-Up

Written by Daniel
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After one of the hottest UK summers on record, it seems the good weather’s finally coming to an end. We have a jam-packed content round-up to help lift your spirits, including an introduction to WordPress’ new visual editor tool, a look into some of the most common digital marketing mistakes, a summary of what you need to know about Google’s recent core algorithm update and lots more…


WordPress: An Introduction To Gutenberg

At the start of August, WordPress launched its latest update, 4.9.8, which included a call-to-action to ‘Try Gutenberg’. Our CTO, Jamie, gives an introduction to Gutenberg and what you can expect from the new visual editor tool…


9 Most Common Digital Marketing Mistakes

There’s no better way to learn something new than by making a mistake, but it always feels better when someone can make that mistake for you. We take a look at 9 of the most common digital marketing mistakes and how you can avoid them…

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Industry Spotlight: Episode 15

In Episode 15 of our Industry Spotlight series, we discuss Facebook & Instagram’s new ‘Time Spent’ features, Snapchat’s speech recognition lenses, Google’s recent core algorithm update and Amazon’s launch of ‘Serverless Aurora’ for AWS…


House Of Fraser: An Organic Search Disaster

The House Of Fraser saga was one of the most-talked about events of August; following thousands of missing orders and an outcry on social media, the retail brand made the decision to shut down its website and cancel all online orders. On the surface everything seemed to follow best practices, but in reality it was an organic search disaster…

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11 Tips To Smash Your Instagram Strategy

With 1 billion+ users, Instagram has made its name as one of the most influential social media platforms right now. Our content marketing expert shares 11 inside tips on how to perfect your Instagram marketing strategy…


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