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Amazon Prepares To Launch New Re-Targeting Ad Product

Written by Daniel
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In Episode 12 of our Industry Spotlight YouTube series, the Flaunt Digital team discusses Amazon’s rumoured upcoming launch of a new re-targeting ad product. Why not subscribe to our YouTube channel for all the latest digital marketing tips and tricks?

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Chris: So there’s been some rumblings lately about Amazon potentially launching their own display re-marketing products similar to that of, obviously, Google, GDN, and Criteo. I think it’ll be using the Amazon Web Group inventory that they’ve got, but it’s still completely under speculation about what that’s going to be. But yeah. It’s just another competitor in the marketplace, I guess. They got a ton of inventory on-site, so there’s no wonder that they’re trying to go down this route.

Jamie: What other meat is there on this?

Lee: Well, I think they’ve got enough market share to actually have their own viable product now. They pulled all the shopping ads off Google. I think that was one of the main, sort of, hints that they were gearing up to launch their own platform. And I think Amazon’s ad business as a whole grew 60% in 2017 to $1.7 billion, which is a significant amount to say that’s one site.

Chris: I’m surprised that they’ve not been in it before, to be honest. They offer their Amazon Web Group Prospecting Services, which will tap into all those different third-party sites that they’re planning on launching this across.

It’ll be interesting to see if it’s in-house-managed by Amazon Media Group or whether it’s going to be a self-serve product. I wouldn’t have thought Amazon, being Amazon, would let consumers and individual advertisers run with that themselves. I imagine there will be a nice agency fee that they’ll wanna make out of this as well by getting access to their premium inventory as such.

But yeah. It would be interesting to see how that product actually looks and how it compares to the likes of Criteo and GDN, re-targeting features, AdRoll, all those other competitors that are in this space.

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