How we’re different

We connect you directly with the specialists working on your account and provide the tech to enable the best results… If the tech doesn’t exist then we’ll build it.

A better operating model

Flaunt Digital was born from the desire to build an agency that fixes the problems that exist in most agencies. We are really proud of our team which is why we don’t hide them behind a client services department.

Traditional Agencies



Client Services

Client Services


Traditional agency comms are broken. Trying to get an answer to your question or problem quickly can be a nightmare, often leading to a delay in getting the important things done.


Speak to the specialists



We do not operate with a client services team. When you have a question or a request you speak directly to the specialists working on your account. This means you get the right answers much faster.

Leadership team

With over 40 years’ collective experience leading Web Design and Development, SEO, Paid Media and Content Marketing for clients such as Glaxo Smith Kline, Estée Lauder, ghd and ASDA, we can confidently say we’ve seen it all.

Our core values

  • 51%

    bring value to the customer, provide 51% of the value in all relationships. Doesn’t matter if it’s a client, another employee or a stranger. Always provide more value than the other party. Life time value.
  • Gratitude

    always be grateful, be ready to show how thankful you are for any outcome.
  • Transparency

    always be transparent, with each other and with clients.
  • Empathy

    approach every situation with empathy, whether it be client or team related.
  • Flexibility

    we are flexible in how we work, accommodating team and client needs however we can.
  • Accountability

    ensure full accountability for our actions and projects.
  • Speed

    move fast, do not get stuck on irrelevant details.
  • Quality

    all work delivered should be to the highest standard.
  • No ego

    everything should be carried out with no ego. Strength comes from working as a team.
  • Innovation

    always be first, go where the attention is and figure out how to make that work for clients.