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powerhouse studios – brand new agency site optimised for lead generation

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An old local agency website on a subpar platform? Flaunt jumped at the opportunity to bring it to life on WordPress 6; with a super snazzy responsive design brimming with brilliant visuals. As a local business sharing similar values to Flaunt, it was a project close to our hearts, and a chance to collaborate with like-minded people and create something truly stunning.

the brief.

simple and to the point

Powerhouse’s existing website was uninspiring and didn’t reflect their strong brand and impressive work. The site had been built on Squarespace, and after an initial review stage, it was clear that Powerhouse needed migrating to a more powerful platform such as WordPress.

The brief was simple and to the point. Mobile-first, responsive, visually-led, fast, unique. Lead generation was always the end game, so optimised button placement and engaging messaging were highly prioritised.

With a huge library of visual content from videos to photography, this site gave us a chance to show off what Powerhouse do best, and create an engaging site with subtle animation, video and bold design.


show off

Transform an ageing and unloved website to show off a strong brand identity and visuals.


Migration to WordPress from Squarespace.

Generate leads

Bespoke website build, optimised to generate leads.


our approach

The project got rolling with an immersion session at the client’s beautiful studios. This gave us a chance to look closer at the client’s brand, the energy that staff have for the company and their ethos. As well as sharing a round of good old round of Yorkshire brews.

Powerhouse carried out design and copywriting in-house using their excellent creative and copywriting departments. We worked closely with Powerhouse throughout this phase to advise and review at each stage. The new website also aligned with the launch of their new branding, so it was a chance to show off some truly stunning design.

At this stage, we completed development prototyping for the intricate interactive elements such as the main nav before the Flaunt team began work on the bespoke WordPress theme.

During this process the domain name DNS was cutover to Cloudflare – we like to do this well before site launch time as it lessens the amount of task (risk). Before launch we carried out our standard SEO audit – this covers important things such as H1 tags and page load speed checks.


As launch day approached we cut over the existing Squarespace hosting to our AWS stack with no downtime – we do this outside of standard office hours to minimise disruption. With post-launch checks all green and sign-off from all teams, the final stage was a huge success.

Since the launch page load speed has seen a massive reduction, the conversion rate is up and the wider public and stakeholder feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. The new site also earned nationwide press coverage.

Flaunt really understood our brand and new vision and were really responsive to making this rebrand campaign as sustainable as we possibly could. From the outset, Flaunt were great at suggesting ways of working that would support this vision and showed their expertise, efficiency, and a willingness to collaborate from start to finish; they became an extension of our marketing team and continue to be involved in helping us maintain and scale our digital activity.

Their attention to detail and desire to really understand where our traffic was coming from, resulted in a website that not only looks amazing but also effectively communicates our message and values. We have sooo much more attributable data coming from our website now, and we’re able to effectively update and maintain the brand consistently – thanks to the amazing way it’s been set up.

The team were patient and accommodating throughout – and were great at keeping us updated every step of the way. Their commitment to our success has been invaluable, and we are grateful for their ongoing partnership!

James Pierechod - Head of Creative

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