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Africa Minigrids Program

africa minigrids program – showcasing an industry-leading program through a bespoke content hub

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The Africa Minigrids Program (AMP) aims to transform energy markets by leveraging solar-battery minigrids to enhance economic development and improve livelihoods through increased financial investment and innovative business models.

Flaunt Digital were appointed to build out a previous landing page into a fully-functional content hub website showcasing a range of content and information.

the brief.

bring to life a myriad of different forms of content into a single place.

With a big, important event on the horizon, showcasing the Africa Minigrids Program (AMP) correctly online had become critical. The current website was no longer fit for purpose – it simply described the program, what it was about and how it was helping African countries.

The new website needed to do all of the above and also be able to provide regular, up to date content across different content types – events, monthly champions, resources, etc. This was critical as the AMP needed to be seen as an active program, with regular advancements and notable progress.


content types

Able to coexist easily, but appear different.

easy to manage

Quickly and easily add more content.

simple to navigate

Users should be able to quickly find what they need.


our approach

We already had the base platform and branding from the previous landing page build. So the first task in this new project was to map out the different content types we needed to support – these being events, posts, resources (library) and countries (projects). From there these could be further split by separating into taxonomies, which provide filters within content types.

Now we could begin mocking up the blocks and UI sections which we needed to represent the new content types and interface elements required. Our creative team and development team put together some amazing work here which formed the basis of the new interface.

Finally we assisted on content input and formatting to ensure everything was consistent, assets were sized correctly and any assets were optimised correctly. This fed into our SEO team assisting with final checks – everything from H1s to Google PageSpeed Insights scores.

In the end we were able to publish a striking website which further elevates the AMP online presence and truly showcases the regular strides they are making in transforming African energy markets.

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