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spreading love through marketing and social media

Written by Mackenzie
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Kindness is something that most businesses take for granted. Being kind is part and parcel of great customer service, but what about random acts of kindness without anything in return? You can reach an abundance of new customers outside of your network, simply by being nice. 

Just in time for Random Acts of Kindness Day (17th February), we have put together five simple ways you can spread some love through marketing and social media. 

Kindness is Key! 

When it comes to marketing, kindness can spark two important things: reach and virality. If you make kindness part of your brand’s vision, it’s likely customers who respond and resonate with your messages will pass it on to other people, and each of them will pass it on to more. James Fowler and Nicholas Christakis have stated that when you do something nice for someone, they will do something nice for four people and each of them will do it for four more, and so on. So, when your brand is all about being kind and doing good, chances are you’ll be encouraging your customers to follow your lead.

Why should all brands take part in random acts of kindness? It allows staff and customers to connect on a more personal level, whilst allowing them to trust your brand. People like people, so encouraging random acts of kindness and loyalty reward programmes are a great way to give back to people and help retain customers. 

Being kind within your business can help you gain the trust of customers, assist negotiation, fuel learning and innovation and promote brand loyalty whilst improving your business performance – you can’t go wrong when you’re being kind. 

5 Simple Ways to Spread Love Online as a Business  

Spreading kindness through small gestures, likes and comments on social media can have a huge impact on someone’s day, and with these five simple acts of kindness you will be bound to make someone smile. 

Write positive reviews for companies, products and places 

A good review can have a huge, positive impact on any business, no matter how big or small. A kind review on a business website or social media platforms won’t just bring a smile to a business owner’s face, but it can also bring them more customers. Customer reviews website Trustpilot states that a good review should include detail, from mentioning individual aspects of their products to the service and ambiance – the more detail the better for the business. 

Donate to a great cause 

A recent study found that when people make a donation to a charity close to their heart they experience a boost of happiness. So, not only does it financially help the charity to continue to do what they do, it is also a great mood-booster. As a business it’s a great idea to sponsor a charity close to your employees’ hearts, plus you can also encourage others to donate via your social media platforms – creating a considerable impact. 

Report any negative posts or comments you see 

When it comes to negativity on social media, it can rapidly spread and really affect a person or business. Cyberbullying is extremely prevalent in this day and age, so by spreading kindness and reporting any negative comments you see online, you can help foster a safe, healthy online environment where people feel loved, safe and supported. 

Start a good deeds chain reaction 

Don’t be shy about sharing your good deeds online, as it’s highly likely that your actions could inspire someone else to do some good.  For example, the #randomactsofkindness hashtag on TikTok has over 172.7 million views and features people doing good in their communities—there’s plenty of inspiration to go around. Create a chain reaction and share your act of kindness online, encouraging others to follow your lead. 

Engage, engage and engage

Positive interaction via social media and online can strengthen a person’s social bond. To foster strong connections, like and comment on your customers and other businesses posts, send supportive messages and always be kind to the people you don’t know online. Being kind online doesn’t need to be a huge gesture, a simple comment can go a long way.  

Kindness Is An Important Flaunt Digital Value

Our CEO, Leo Fuller, rounds up the importance of kindness online and within the team at Flaunt. ‘Kindness should be a default but a lot of people certainly seem more motivated to be negative, especially online! Kindness is one of the most important traits we look for in our team and we deliver that as part of the service we provide for our clients, and so far it’s paid us back exponentially.’ 

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