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How To Use Social Media To Generate More Leads For Your Business

Written by Lee
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Lead generation through social media is one of the best ways of finding new customers, and the greatest thing about it is the fact that it is, more often than not, completely free. When we talk about social media ‘leads’, just to be totally clear, what we are referring to are potential customers who have shown some level of interest in either your product or your service.

They are the ‘lead’ and this engagement in what you are doing has been generated via whichever social media platform they found you on. With this social lead generation, you can then follow up on your communications with this potential customer through your sales department or through a tailored marketing program to turn the lead into an actual sale or conversion.

It has been proven to work. Hootsuite reports that 76% of buyers are happy to have a conversation on social media, while 90% of high-level decision makers will never respond to a cold call. You are accessing them in their own space, during their own time, and they don’t actually mind for once. However, you need to use these platforms effectively in order to be generating sales leads through social media. So, how do you use social media to generate more leads for your business?


Firstly, gated content can be hugely valuable to you. This means putting information that you know will interest customers behind a kind of virtual firewall or gate. In order to access that information, they simply need to enter some basic contact information and you’ll let them in. This could be their name and e-mail address, or their job profession and phone number.

All you need to do on your social media is share a link to this content and make it seem captivating enough through the headline and associated text. Some people may not share their contact details, and that’s fine because they probably wouldn’t turn into a lead anyway. But those interested will feel it is worth sharing their details, and they then instantly qualify themselves as being more than just a passer-by. It’s vital that your content is worth their time though, so you don’t lose them as soon as you have gained them.


One of the great things about social media is the fact it has opened up communication channels between brands and customers. You can now speak directly with your audience, without any teams or channels blocking the way for you to get a very clear sense of their feelings on your products or services. Engaging with relevant people who have engaged with you on a one-to-one level is invaluable for generating more leads for your business. You should always make sure you show gratitude for anyone who has taken the time to engage. This can reap many rewards including personal recommendations being made to their friends or family, posts being shared, trust and loyalty being built, and new custom coming your way when people remember the fact you engaged with them.


Social media advertising is also another way of generating sales leads through social media. Ads on social media platforms are often targeted towards specific individuals through a series of personalised criteria, which means you can use your understanding of your customer base to reach out to those who you naturally feel would be more interested. These adverts are low-commitment and an easy way to begin advertising, and can generate leads that go directly through to your website or newsletter. The trick is to ensure that they are concise and the call to action is obvious.


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