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How To Boost ROI Using LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms

Written by Chris
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You should take any marketing channel that offers potential for generating leads at a low price seriously.

LinkedIn’s lead generation forms are one of the most interesting opportunities to appear in the last couple of years. Here, we’re going to take a look at how you can use them to boost your ROI.


The lead gen forms are designed to work alongside your LinkedIn sponsored content.

One of the major barriers to generating leads on LinkedIn came from mobile traffic: essentially, users didn’t want to fill in clunky forms whilst on their phones.

LinkedIn’s Lead Gen Forms remove this problem by filling in the form for users automatically: all they need to do is press submit.

You get the same useful information on your prospect without them having to lift a finger, with all the data coming from their own up-to-date LinkedIn profile.


There are a number of benefits to this new future.

The first – as we’ve mentioned – is that it makes things much easier for users. It will require much less effort to input their data, and they’ll be less likely to give up halfway through.

You can obtain more information this way

Because the form is filled automatically, you can actually ask for more data than you would do otherwise. When users are being asked to give the information themselves, it’s risky to ask for much more than a name and e-mail address. With LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms, it takes no more effort to provide five bits of data than it does to provide one.

The forms are mobile friendly

Mobile traffic outweighs desktop. The Lead Gen Ads are optimised specifically to perform on mobiles, which is not the case with many other forms of traffic. Increase conversions on mobile, and your ROI will go up: it’s that simple. (Plus, of course, the chances are you’ll be ahead of the competition, many of whom will still be using the same tactics on both mobile and desktop.)

You can use them to generate additional traffic

You have the option of providing users with an additional link once they’ve filled in the form. Do you, for example, have a tested landing page that you know converts at a positive ROI? You can give users the opportunity to click through to it, essentially giving yourself two chances at conversion from one click.

The targeting options are excellent

The more targeted your campaigns, the more likely they are to achieve a positive ROI. Lead Gen Forms allow you to drill down into specific groups and then add them to your campaign to ensure your content gets shown to the right people. Once you’ve experimented with this and found an audience that generates a good ROI, you can continue to promote to them for as long as you wish.

The ROI data is supplied

Needless to say, you’ll need the data if you’re going to calculate the ROI. LinkedIn’s Lead Gen Forms and their sponsored content interface will give you access to all of the main metrics, so you can be sure of success. (And so, if something’s not working, you’ll be able to work out what the problem is.)


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