Gerrard - Content Citation Tracking - Show Content's Value

Gerrard – Content Citation Tracking

Active user tracking built to show the value of non-linked content.

Have you ever wanted to be able to prove the value of content that talks about you but does not include a link? Well now you can with Gerrard!


Gerrard is a content citation tracking tool that allows you to record visits from a piece of content placed on an external site, but that does not contain a link back to your site. This means you can now reliably deploy brand building content and track, report and prove the ROI of this content.

SEO is now intrinsically linked to brand, and getting legitimate brand or contextually relevant content placed on external sites raises two issues:

1) It is difficult to create compelling content with the commercial pressures of having to get a link within the content

2) You cannot show the value of a piece of content that has no direct link back to you or your clients site

Gerrard removes these issues and allows you to deploy content on external sites with no links and you can show the ROI. See how many visits have been driven by a piece of content and record the full user journey as a goal.

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If you are still unsure, head over to this medium post for a more detailed overview of where the value lies in non-linked content and how Gerrard makes showing that value a breeze!