Web Development

May 21st 2020

SEO Website Migration – how to do it right & why it’s so important!

One of the most important but often overlooked tasks within SEO is a website migration. If done well, a good migration has the ability to propel your site’s visibility forward. But if overlooked or done poorly, can put you out of business. One size does not fit all, but this post outlines a solid process

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March 28th 2019

How To Improve The Speed Of Your Website

Did you know that 80% of people will never return to a ‘slow’ website? We discuss the importance of a fast website with some tips & recommendations on how to improve your site’s speed…

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March 21st 2019

Quick Wins For Schema Mark-Up

Schema mark-up was introduced to improve the way search engines read specific information on a webpage. We discuss some quick wins for implementing schema mark-up on your website…

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March 14th 2019

Top 7 WordPress Plugins For 2019

Plugins are one of the most popular ways to improve and manage any website with a CMS. Our Web Developer, Sam, highlights some of the most essential plugins to implement on your WordPress site in 2019…

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March 5th 2019

Top 10 CMS Platforms For 2019

In 2019, CMS platforms are the go-to solution for building, managing and optimising any business website. In this blog, we take a look at the top 10 CMS platforms right now…

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January 17th 2019

How To Use AWS Organizations

AWS’ ‘Organizations’ feature is a great tool for businesses managing multiple clients with multiple projects. Our CTO, Jamie, discusses how to use AWS Organizations…

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December 11th 2018

An Introduction To Browser Compatibility

Sam, one of Flaunt Digital’s Web Developers, gives an introduction to browser compatibility. He discusses what browser compatibility actually is and why it’s important, with some actionable tips and tricks along the way…

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October 25th 2018

GitHub Launches ‘Actions’

Software development platform, GitHub, recently announced the upcoming launch of its new feature ‘Actions’. Our CTO, Jamie, discusses the news in the latest episode of Industry Spotlight…

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October 9th 2018

Everything You Wanted To Know About Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

Progressive Web Apps have been rapidly gaining momentum in the developer community. With global brands such as Starbucks and Twitter leading the way with successfully-launched PWAs, it only seems a matter of time until everyone else follows suit. We take a look at everything you could want to know about PWAs…

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August 7th 2018

WordPress: An Introduction To Gutenberg

WordPress recently launched its latest update, 4.9.8, which includes a call-to-action to ‘Try Gutenberg’. In our latest video, the Flaunt Digital CTO, Jamie, gives an introduction to Gutenberg and what you can expect from the new visual editor…

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July 4th 2018

Amazon Launches Aurora Backtrack For AWS

Amazon recently launched a cool new feature for AWS that allows Devs to essentially turn back time in their databases. After using this new feature for a few weeks, our CTO, Jamie, shares his thoughts on ‘Aurora Backtrack’…

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June 13th 2018

Microsoft Acquires GitHub For $7.5bn

Microsoft recently announced that it will be acquiring GitHub for a whopping $7.5 billion. In Episode 12 of our Industry Spotlight series, the Flaunt Digital team sit down to discuss what this could mean for the development community…

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May 22nd 2018

3 Ways To Optimise Your AWS Account For Cost-Efficiency

As a tech organisation with countless servers and databases, it’s likely that your Amazon Web Services bill will be a fairly significant amount. Our CTO, Jamie, shares his three top tips for optimising your AWS account for cost-efficiency…

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April 26th 2018

Implementing Video With Search In Mind

Have you noticed any SEO benefits from your video content yet? Our CTO, Jamie, shares some tried-and-tested techniques to rank your video higher in the SERPs and looks at some different options for hosting your videos…

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April 12th 2018

Cloudflare Launches

The guys at Cloudflare recently launched ‘’, reportedly the world’s fastest public DNS directory. For everyone that noticed this on April Fools Day… yes, it is real!

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March 3rd 2018

Google Launches Ad Blocker For Chrome

Google has started rolling out its own in-platform ad blocker for Chrome, in an attempt to improve the quality of online ad experiences. Lee, Chris & Jamie discuss their takes on the move…

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March 2nd 2018

Amazon Web Services Cloud Security Concerns

You may have noticed several news outlets sharing reports of security concerns over Amazon’s cloud computing service, AWS. But when you look beneath the surface, the security problems could have all been avoided…

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February 14th 2018

How Important Is Good Website Design?

You may have heard the reports of thousands of parents struggling to access subsidised childcare benefits as a result of a glitchy government website. Lee, Chris & Jamie discuss the importance of getting your website design right first time…

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January 31st 2018

Apps vs PWAs

Also known as Progressive Web Apps, PWAs have taken the digital world by storm with brands like Twitter adopting the new app experience. The Flaunt Digital team discusses some of the key differences from native apps and what the future may hold for PWAs…

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January 30th 2017

Why SSL Is A Requirement

With the web getting more secure and Google prioritising HTTPS in the SERPS find out today why you need an SSL certificate on your website.

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October 11th 2016

How to Increase Conversions on Shopify

Need ideas on how to optimise your Shopify website for conversions? Read on to find out the best methods for making sure your products are selling as well as they should be.

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August 12th 2016

Fix your Google Analytics events in Google Tag Manager

Recently we came across a problem whereby we needed to change a website from using Universal Analytics to using Google Tag Manager (with Google Analytics enabled within). This process is pretty easy and really common, but no one tells you that if you’ve got Universal Analytics events calls scattered throughout your website, these will all break. The

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June 2nd 2016

4 Ways to Optimise Your AMP Content

As we mentioned in our recent article, How to Enable Google AMP on Your WordPress Site, Google’s AMP is becoming an important channel for maximising your content exposure and visibility. However, the previous post simply focused on getting the fundamentals in place for making sure your content is ready and available in your WordPress site.

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May 24th 2016

How to Enable Google AMP on Your WordPress Site

Now that Google is presenting AMP-enabled (Accelerated Mobile Pages) articles right at the top of UK mobile SERPs, it’s becoming important for content-marketers and blog developers to look into enabling AMP on their websites. The actual location of the AMP articles varies depending on the term (it seems like terms which are currently trending in

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