May 23rd 2019

Video Frame Rates: What Do They All Mean?

As one of the most important technical aspects of videography, knowing the correct frame rate to use can be the difference between success and failure. In this blog post, we discuss everything you need to know about the most popular frame rates…

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March 14th 2019

Top 7 WordPress Plugins For 2019

Plugins are one of the most popular ways to improve and manage any website with a CMS. Our Web Developer, Sam, highlights some of the most essential plugins to implement on your WordPress site in 2019…

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January 17th 2019

How To Use AWS Organizations

AWS’ ‘Organizations’ feature is a great tool for businesses managing multiple clients with multiple projects. Our CTO, Jamie, discusses how to use AWS Organizations…

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January 3rd 2019

Top 3 PPC Predictions For 2019

The paid advertising landscape has changed drastically in recent years. In our latest video, Caroline, Flaunt Digital’s PPC Manager, shares her top 3 PPC predictions for 2019…

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December 18th 2018

How To Write A Killer Blog Title

Ever wondered if your blog title is as good as it could be? Daniel, our Search & Content Executive, shares some of the best practices he follows whilst putting together blog titles…

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December 11th 2018

An Introduction To Browser Compatibility

Sam, one of Flaunt Digital’s Web Developers, gives an introduction to browser compatibility. He discusses what browser compatibility actually is and why it’s important, with some actionable tips and tricks along the way…

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December 6th 2018

Our Favourite Christmas Ads Of 2018

Ever since the early days of Coca Cola’s Christmas ads, the holiday season has been closely associated with high-budget advertising campaigns. We round up some of the best Christmas adverts from 2018…

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October 31st 2018

DuckDuckGo Reaches 30 Million Queries Per Day

DuckDuckGo, the privacy-focussed search engine, recently hit the milestone of 30 million search queries per day. We discuss our take on the news in the latest episode of our Industry Spotlight series…

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October 29th 2018

Facebook Announces The ‘Portal’ & ‘Portal+’

Facebook recently announced that it will be taking its first steps into the hardware market with its ‘Portal’ and ‘Portal+’ devices. We discuss what this could mean for Facebook and the smart-devices race between Google and Amazon…

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October 26th 2018

Instagram Co-Founders Leave Facebook

Earlier this month news broke out that Instagram’s Co-Founders had made the decision to leave Facebook after eight years at the company and six years at Facebook. We discuss the news on Industry Spotlight…

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October 25th 2018

GitHub Launches ‘Actions’

Software development platform, GitHub, recently announced the upcoming launch of its new feature ‘Actions’. Our CTO, Jamie, discusses the news in the latest episode of Industry Spotlight…

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October 11th 2018

Amazon Launches ‘Storefronts’

Amazon recently announced a new feature known as ‘Storefronts’, allowing U.S. SMEs to have their own ‘Storefront’ on Amazon’s ecommerce platform. We take a look at what this could mean for Amazon and the wider ecommerce community…

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October 10th 2018

Google Launches Shoppable Images Ads

Following in the steps of Instagram and Pinterest, Google recently announced the launch of Shoppable Images Ads. Check out the latest episode of Industry Spotlight to hear our take on the news…

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September 20th 2018

10 Digital Marketing YouTube Channels You Need To Subscribe To

From quick tutorials on how to fix a chair to full-blown courses on investing in the stock market, YouTube has become the go-to place to learn something new. We’ve rounded up 10 of the very best YouTube channels to help touch up your digital marketing knowledge…

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August 24th 2018

Google Rolls Out Core Algorithm Update

Recently seen a dip in website traffic? That could be down to Google’s latest core algorithm update at the start of August 2018. We discuss everything you need to know about Google’s ‘Medic’ Update…

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August 23rd 2018

Snapchat Launches Speech Recognition Lenses

Snapchat recently launched its speech recognition lenses, which use basic phrases such as “Hi”, “Wow” or “Love” to activate on-screen animations. We discuss what this move could mean for the platform…

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August 14th 2018

11 Tips To Smash Your Instagram Strategy

With over 1 billion users, Instagram has made its name as one of the most influential social media platforms right now. In this video, our content marketing expert shares 11 inside tips on how to perfect your Instagram marketing strategy…

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July 27th 2018

Google Brings Hotel Ads Into Ads Platform

Google recently announced at its ‘Google Marketing Live Summit’ that it will be bringing Hotel Ads into the main Google Ads platform with the launch of a new campaign type. What will this mean for businesses in the hospitality & events industry?

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July 26th 2018

Instagram Tests New Verification Process

Reports suggest that Instagram is testing a process that allows users to apply for a verified account. We discuss what this could mean for the platform and why the social media giants have made this move…

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July 25th 2018

Google Launches Jobs Service In The UK

One of the biggest stories this week has been the launch of Google’s new Jobs service in the UK. We take a look at some of the key areas of the new service and discuss what it could mean for other major job sites…

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July 24th 2018

Google Fined $5bn By The EU

Google has made headlines after receiving a whopping $5bn fine by the European Commission for breaching European Law by using the Android Operating System to ‘illegally cement its dominant position in search’. We discuss what this means and whether this was the right decision by the EU…

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July 10th 2018

7 Essential Adobe Premiere Pro Plugins

Opening Adobe Premiere Pro for the first time can be overwhelming to say the least. One way to make the editing process a whole load easier is by using plugins to eliminate a lot of the manual work. In this blog, we highlight 7 essential plugins for Adobe Premiere Pro…

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July 4th 2018

Amazon Launches Aurora Backtrack For AWS

Amazon recently launched a cool new feature for AWS that allows Devs to essentially turn back time in their databases. After using this new feature for a few weeks, our CTO, Jamie, shares his thoughts on ‘Aurora Backtrack’…

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July 3rd 2018

LinkedIn Rolls Out Carousel Ads

LinkedIn seem to be following in the steps of Facebook & Instagram with the recent announcement of their new ad format, Carousel Ads. The Flaunt Digital team discuss what this could mean for B2B marketers…

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June 21st 2018

How To Automate Your Social Media Schedule Whilst On Holiday

It’s getting to that time of the year where employees start taking their holidays for the summer. From a marketing perspective this is far from ideal, often leaving businesses with minimal content going out. In this blog, we discuss how you can automate your social media content schedule whilst on holiday…

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June 13th 2018

Microsoft Acquires GitHub For $7.5bn

Microsoft recently announced that it will be acquiring GitHub for a whopping $7.5 billion. In Episode 12 of our Industry Spotlight series, the Flaunt Digital team sit down to discuss what this could mean for the development community…

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May 31st 2018

7 Time-Saving Tools For Digital Marketers

With so many different marketing channels, one of the biggest challenges for marketers is finding the time to maintain and optimise them all. Our Inbound Marketing Executive shares his 7 top time-saving tools for digital marketers…

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May 17th 2018

Google Assistant Uses Google Duplex To Make A Phone Call

Google dropped a bombshell in their annual I/O Conference the other week, where they announced Google Duplex; AI software that allows the Google Assistant to make phone calls to book appointments and reservations on your behalf. We discuss what the implications of this could be…

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May 16th 2018

Google AdWords Launches New Responsive Ads

Google AdWords recently announced its latest version of Dynamic Search Ads (DSA). In the latest episode of Industry Spotlight, we discuss what this new ad format consists of and how paid search specialists can use it to optimise their campaigns…

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April 26th 2018

Implementing Video With Search In Mind

Have you noticed any SEO benefits from your video content yet? Our CTO, Jamie, shares some tried-and-tested techniques to rank your video higher in the SERPs and looks at some different options for hosting your videos…

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April 25th 2018

The Power Of Brand Storytelling

With the modern attention span becoming shorter and shorter, marketers are using more engaging media formats such as video to catch the eyes of potential customers. Our CEO, Lee, discusses the power of using storytelling in video…

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April 24th 2018

The Growth Of Video As A Format

Lee shares some insights into how video has grown in popularity as a format over recent years and how content creators can use video to improve their content marketing strategy…

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April 16th 2018

Facebook Removing 3rd-Party Targeting Data

Following the Cambridge Analytica Data Scandal, Facebook has made the decision to remove third-party targeting data. We discuss how this could impact the social media giant’s advertising platform…

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April 12th 2018

Cloudflare Launches

The guys at Cloudflare recently launched ‘’, reportedly the world’s fastest public DNS directory. For everyone that noticed this on April Fools Day… yes, it is real!

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April 5th 2018

Flaunt Digital At Leeds Digital Festival 2018

With over 10,000 attendees in 2017, Leeds Digital Festival has made it’s name as the North’s largest digital festival. And this year’s expected to be bigger and better than ever! Here’s how we’re getting involved in Leeds Digital Festival 2018…

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April 5th 2018

Instagram Expands Shoppable Posts

Instagram recently announced it will be expanding the rollout of shoppable organic posts to eight new countries. The Flaunt Digital team discusses how this could shape the future of the platform…

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April 4th 2018

Twitter Tests Breaking News Feature

In the latest episode of Industry Spotlight Lee, Chris & Jamie discuss their take on Twitter’s decision to test a new ‘breaking news’ feature, in which breaking news is the first thing that a user sees on their timeline…

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March 23rd 2018

How To Limit Overdelivery In Google AdWords

Back in October 2017, Google AdWords introduced a new rule whereby your campaigns can spend up to 100% of your budget on a daily basis. Chris explains how PPC Managers can easily regain more control of their AdWords campaigns using a free script…

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March 14th 2018

Facebook Tests ‘Breaking News’ Feature

Facebook revealed it is testing a ‘Breaking News’ feature in the US, in what could be one of the first steps it has made to encouraging more ‘meaningful interactions’. The Flaunt Digital team discuss what it could mean for the platform’s future…

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March 13th 2018

Snapchat Announces Two New ‘Spectacles’

The launch of Snapchat’s ‘Spectacles’ was a disappointment to say the least. But that hasn’t stopped them from working on Mark 2 & Mark 3. Could Snapchat see more success with these new installments?

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March 9th 2018

The Power Of Influencer Marketing

With Facebook’s recent organic search algorithm update, Google Chrome launching an ad-blocker and the ever-changing state of digital it’s becoming increasingly difficult for brands to reach their target audience. This has helped make way for a newer form of marketing known as ‘Influencer Marketing’…

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March 9th 2018

Google Launches AMP Stories

Google is currently testing AMP Stories, a rich content format similar to the likes of Instagram Stories. The Flaunt Digital team discuss what AMP Stories actually are and how they could impact the world of digital…

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March 8th 2018

The Growing Role Of Analytics In Marketing

Over the years analytics has had an increasingly important role in marketing. Even so, research suggests that spend on marketing analytics could increase by 198% over the next three years. The Flaunt team sit down to discuss the growing role of analytics in marketing…

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March 8th 2018

Todoist Tool Review

Task management tools are a popular way for business professionals to streamline their tasks and improve productivity. In this episode of The Flaunt Review, Lee shares his thoughts on ‘Todoist’…

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March 7th 2018

Google AdSense Launches New Ad Format ‘Auto-Ads’

Google AdSense recently announced the roll-out of a new ad format, ‘Auto-Ads’, using machine learning to optimise the placement and frequency of ads. Chris, Lee & Jamie discuss what marketers need to know about the new ad format…

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March 3rd 2018

Google Launches Ad Blocker For Chrome

Google has started rolling out its own in-platform ad blocker for Chrome, in an attempt to improve the quality of online ad experiences. Lee, Chris & Jamie discuss their takes on the move…

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March 2nd 2018

Amazon Web Services Cloud Security Concerns

You may have noticed several news outlets sharing reports of security concerns over Amazon’s cloud computing service, AWS. But when you look beneath the surface, the security problems could have all been avoided…

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March 1st 2018

Android Pay Rebrands To Google Pay

Google recently announced that Android Pay is changing to Google Pay. In Episode 5 of the Industry Spotlight, the Flaunt Digital team share their thoughts on the rebrand…

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February 23rd 2018

Why Video Needs To Be At The Top Of Your Marketing Agenda

With video content becoming easier than ever to produce, it’s something that more and more businesses are experimenting with. E-commerce marketing expert, Victoria Greene, shares her thoughts on the benefits of incorporating video into your marketing strategy…

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February 22nd 2018

Facebook Loses Users For The First Time Ever

Facebook reported that users were spending 50 million hours less on the platform, with a loss of 2.8 million users under 25 – the first time the platform has ever lost users in the US & Canada. The Flaunt Digital team discusses how this could impact the world of social media…

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February 20th 2018

Google Announces AMP For Gmail

Google recently announced it will be bringing AMP to Gmail later this year. In this week’s Industry Spotlight, the team discuss how this could impact Google as a brand and email as we know it…

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February 15th 2018

Snapchat Launches The ‘Snap Store’

Snapchat recently launched its very own in-app shopping section, the ‘Snap Store’, selling a range of Snapchat-branded products such as dancing hot dogs. But could there be more to it than this?

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February 14th 2018

How Important Is Good Website Design?

You may have heard the reports of thousands of parents struggling to access subsidised childcare benefits as a result of a glitchy government website. Lee, Chris & Jamie discuss the importance of getting your website design right first time…

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February 13th 2018

The Northern Digital Skills Gap

Did you know there are 1.4 digital vacancies for each person in the digital sector up north? Following Tech North & EY’s report on the ‘digital skills gap’ up north, the Flaunt Digital team discuss some of the key figures…

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February 9th 2018

Snapchat Stories Available To Non-Snapchat Users

Snapchat recently announced their decision to open up selected Snapchat stories to non-Snapchat users. The Flaunt Digital team discuss what impact this could have on Snapchat and the wider marketing community…

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February 7th 2018

Google Optimize Tool Review

Back in 2017, Google launched its website testing & personalisation tool ‘Google Optimize’ – one of the most comprehensive free tools in a very competitive market. Find out if it plays up to expectations in our full review…

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February 6th 2018

Key Branding Lessons From The New Leeds United Badge

Last month, Leeds United announced a new design for their club badge, which didn’t go down particularly well in the football community. Lee, Chris & Jamie discuss some of the key takeaways from a digital marketing point-of-view…

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February 5th 2018

What Does The Rise Of Voice Search Mean For Marketers?

The rise in popularity of voice search has been one of the hottest topics in the digital world over the last few years. With the use of voice search increasing at a rapid pace, the Flaunt Digital team discuss what the future of voice search could look like…

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February 3rd 2018

Google Update To URLs On AMP Pages

Google recently announced their decision to return the URLs of AMP pages to the publishers, as opposed to ‘’. The Flaunt Digital team discuss some of the implications this update could have…

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February 2nd 2018

The New Google Search Console Update

Do you use Google Analytics? If so, you may have received an email from Google announcing the release of a new design for their search console tool. Here’s what you can expect…

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January 31st 2018

Apps vs PWAs

Also known as Progressive Web Apps, PWAs have taken the digital world by storm with brands like Twitter adopting the new app experience. The Flaunt Digital team discusses some of the key differences from native apps and what the future may hold for PWAs…

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January 30th 2018

Facebook Organic Reach Update

Facebook recently announced their decision to prioritize posts from their friends & family over business posts to ‘improve the wellbeing of its users’. Lee, Chris & Jamie discuss the impact this will have on the organic reach of business accounts…

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